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Library Trustees

Douglas Harman, Chairman (2017)

Michael Culver, Vice Chairman (2019)
Leonard Grubbs, Treasurer (2017)
Sara Plumley, Secretary (2018)

Michael Bruno (2017)
Nora Clark (2018)
Lisa Ffrench (2019)
Sally Syren (2019)

Funding and Building

The Library Trustees raised over $1,311,369 for the cost that the construction for the Library building would be. There were also additional costs for the final figure. John Starr made the motions to go ahead with the project modifications and authorize all underground activities and Gene Girdwood and Doug Harman seconded. The construction manager for the Library was Ben Harrington of HP Cummings. A lot of time, planning, and fundraising came into making the new Library a reality.

For more information and to view detailed minutes, visit the Bethlehem Public Library website
Library Trustee Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month, unless noted. 7pm at the Library. Public is welcome!

Building Committee Members

Chairman – John Starr
Vice-Chairman – Bruce Brown
Secretary – Joyce Tucker
Treasurer – Len Grubbs
Russ Bonnevie
Laura Clerkin
Cheri Compton
Gene Girdwood
Doug Harman
Paul Higginson
Alan Jackson