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01/09/2019 PB Minutes

Planning Board
January 9, 2019

6:00 pm

Present: David Rodrigues Chair., Dave Wiley, Marie Stevenson, Chris McGrath Vice Chair, Michael Bruno and Mary Moritz
Absent: Johnathan Stevenson

Chair David Rodrigues opened the meeting at 6:00 pm and read the Public Notice for NCES loop road. He also read the checklist. Chris McGrath motion to approve the checklist as complete. Dave Wiley second 6-0 motion passes
There was no board discussion. NCES was asked to present their project. Adam Sandall engineer for the project explained that the loop will make a safer travel lane on and off the scale area. The employees will be able to control traffic on and off the landfill safer. There will be very minimal wetland impact. Rita Farrell objects to this meeting proceeding due to School and library closing, due to weather. David Rodrigues continued the meeting. Mike Bruno asked if this was in District 2, Mr. Hastings attorney for NCES answered yes, it is. Mr. Hasting went on to explain that he felt as though this was an allowed use on the parcel. Chris McGrath would like to have the board vote on contacting the towns attorney regarding the settlement agreement with NCES being in compliance with the loop road. This was brought up in the conceptual NCES attended October 17, 2018. Attorney Phil Hastings for NCES explained the board is correct that this is District 2. Industrial is allowed in parcel 2.

Chris McGrath believed that the board should do its due diligence in seeking legal counsel. Mike Bruno motion to seek council to be sure NCES is in compliance with the settlement agreement. “Chris McGrath second 5-1 David Rodrigues opposed. Motion passes

Peter Roy: the purpose of the road is for safety, not a parking lot. Kevin Roy said no parking lot.

David Rodrigues motion to continue NCES hearing to January 23, 2019 to seek council to determine if the loop road is in violation of the settlement agreement. David Wiley second 6-0 motion passes

Closed NCES hearing

Open Lot line for Low Map 208 and Lots 59, 58.2 and 58.3

David Rodrigues read the public notice and checklist for the Low property. Dave Wiley motion to approve checklist Marie Stevenson second 6-0 motion passes. There was board discussion as to if this was a lot line or a subdivision. Mr. Gardner had both with him. He explained that it was a 3-lot parcel with the lines changing. It was determined that it was a lot adjustment.

David Wiley motion to approve lot line for Low property Marie Stevenson second 6-0 motion passes.
Close Low lot line adjustment

Open Beech Crest subdivision Map 419 Lot 48

David Rodrigues read the public notice and the checklist. Chris McGrath motion to approve sub division David Wiley second 6-0

Close Beech Crest subdivision

Motion to approve minutes from December 12, 2018 David Wiley motion Mike Bruno second 6-0 motion approved
There was board discussion on having to meet as a board to seek legal counsel through the secretary.
Chris McGrath motion to give the power to Chair and Vice Chair to seek legal counsel without a board vote. Planning Board and Select Board will be shared blindly through the secretary. Mike Bruno second 6-0 motion passes
Chris McGrath reminded the board of the proposed “cheat sheet” to stream line the application process.

Mike Bruno and Mary Moritz agreed to work together to streamline the application process. Checklist items are not relevant to all applications. Site Plan, Sub division, lot line merger plan on being addressed.

Chris McGrath would like to find out available times for NHMA (New Hampshire Municipal Association) for training. When they are available and the cost.

Closed Planning Board meeting to go into non-public 91a.2 session Marie Stevenson, David Wiley, Mike Bruno, David Rodrigues, Mary Moritz and clerk.

Adjourned 7:30pm
Respectfully submitted
Debra Bayley
Planning/Zoning Clerk


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January 29, 2019

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