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Planning Board
January 23, 2019

6:00 pm

Present: David Rodrigues Chair., Dave Wiley, Chris McGrath Vice Chair, Michael Bruno and Mary Moritz
Absent: Johnathan Stevenson and Marie Stevenson
Chair David Rodrigues opened the meeting at 6:00 pm and read the Agenda.

Conceptual: Mountain Music Winery

Mr. Rodrigues asked Alfred Duguay to explain his conceptual for the Winery. He and his wife own property on Harrigan street. They currently own Mountain Music Winery in Thornton NH and would like to open their winery business in Bethlehem. He would like to add a 12×24 shed on his property for a tasting area. He was asked if he knew about the setbacks in District 1. Mr. Duguay explained that the business will not be opened in the winter. Hours of operation will be from Thursday- Sunday 2-5pm. He currently sells his wine at farmers market. Mike Bruno suggested that he speak with Rek-Lis., as to the similar process that Rek-Lis went through. The board suggested that they fill out an application for a Site Plan Review application. When they decide to put up a sign, he will need to check with the Select Board. Mary Moritz asked if they need a food license, no only a liquor license Mr. Duguay answered.

Closed conceptual for Mountain Music Winery

NCES continuation from January 9, 2019
NCES requested a continuation due to weather.
Chris McGrath motion to continue North Country Environmental Service SPR to February 13, 2019 – due to weather conditions. David Rodrigues second 5-0 motion passes

Chris McGrath was looking for clarity on a lot line merger on the Low property. From the January 9, 2019 hearing. Tax maps show a 2-lot parcel. Applicant presented a 3-parcel plot with lot lines adjusted. Clerk will check with NHMA as to have a redo on the town or the applicant. 208-59 and 58.2 map and lot
Dave Willey motion to allow clerk to ask PB attorney about the NCES loop road being in agreement with the settlement agreement. Mary Moritz second 5-0 motion passes

Mike Bruno would like to not pay the attorney Mr. Mitchell. He feels as though he did not provide an adequate answer to the NCES questions on the loop road. Mary Mortiz said she thought Walter Mitchell’s answered the question: “itis outside the jurisdiction of the Planning Board to ask about the settlement agreement”. Mary Mortiz reminded the Planning Board that reply all … constitutes a meeting.

Mary Moritz explained that Debbie Bayley Clerk has asked Attorney Keri Roman from Drummond Woodsum attorneys at law from Manchester if she would take the Bethlehem NH Planning Board on as a client.

Dave Wiley motion to hire Keri Roman as Planning Board Attorney. Mike Bruno second 5-0 motion passes

• Is the road in violation of the 2012 Settlement agreement?

• How does the settlement agreement pertain to the Planning Board site plan review for this property?

• This land was purchased after the settlement, is it held to the same standard as the settlement agreement?

Dave Wiley motion to ask PB attorney these 3 questions David Rodrigues second 5-0 motion passes.

Minutes from January 9, 2019 motion Dave Wiley Mike Bruno second 5-0 motion passes

Chair David Rodrigues will be compiling a Planning Board report for the 2018 annual report.

Next Planning Board meeting February 13, 2019
Dave Wiley motion to adjourn Dave Rodrigues second 5-0

Adjourned 7:30pm
Respectfully submitted
Debra Bayley
Planning/Zoning Clerk


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February 14, 2019

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