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01/23/2020 Conservation Commission Minutes



January 23, 2020

6:00 PM


PRESENT: Chair Lindsay Webb, Nicole McGrath, Cheryl Jensen, Margaret Gale, Vivian Winterhoff

ABSENT: Linda Moore, Alternate Marilyn Johnson

GUESTS: Christopher Jensen, Barry Zitser.

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm.


The meeting minutes of November 21, 2019 were reviewed. It was noted that treasurer’s was missing the r at the end. Margaret suggested that the sentence Nicole drafted a Town Report for the 2019 Annual report be reworded to Nicole drafted an Annual Report for the 2019 Town Report.  Cheryl motioned to accept the minutes with the minor changes/edits, Margaret seconded, motion carried 5-0.


Margaret gave the treasurer’s report: The town account has a zero balance.  As of January 1, 2020, the savings account had $17,117.91 This does not reflect the remaining $629.91 from the town account, as that was deposited after the first of January.


The BCC reviewed the mailbag items. Lindsay let Nicole know that Vivian is not getting all her emails. Nicole will double check and add Vivian to the email list.

The BCC had received a copy of an AoT Permit # 191218-217 for NCES related to their proposed Stage VI expansion. Based on the advice Linda had received from the attorney and passed along to Lindsay, Lindsay did not reserve the right to comment on this application.

Cheryl also spoke with Linda, to fill Linda in on the conversation we had at the last meeting about commenting on the letters of deficiency that NCES had recently received from NH DES. Linda advised Cheryl that the BCC is free to comment on items that fall within our purview but we have been advised against commenting on anything directly related to the Stage VI expansion. Cheryl drafted a letter to Mr. O’Rourke, Ms. Hoyt-Denison and Mr. Davidson. The BCC reviewed the letter. Margaret motioned we vote to decide if we should send the letter dated January 23, 2020 to  Mr. O’Rourke, Ms. Hoyt-Denison, and Mr. Davidson of DES, Vivian seconded the motion, motion carried 5-0.

The BCC was made aware of an out of compliance groundwater management permit for Presby Energy. Cheryl drafted a letter to Mr. Piskovitz of DES regarding this concern. Vivian motioned that we send the letter that Cheryl drafted to Todd Piskovitz, Margaret seconded, motion carried 5-0.

Chris notified the BCC that the NCES deadline for the stage VI expansion had been extend one week at the request of the applicant until January 28, 2020.

The BCC had received a letter from DOT regarding bridge preservation work on Route 302 near the Wayside Inn. DOT has written to multiple departments within the Town  asking them to identify if there are any priority mitigation projects  in case the bridge work requires mitigation. There was discussion on prioritizing culvert and culvert replacement. The Hazardous Mitigation plan was mentioned as a place to identify the Town priorities for mitigation. Nicole will email the BCC the current plan. She also notified them that the Town is currently in process of updating this plan if anyone is interested in attending the meetings. If no projects are identified and mitigation is required money will be paid into the Aquatic Resource Mitigation Fund.

Chris offered to meet with Brett Jackson, Road Agent, to identify culverts that should be a priority. The BCC also discussed a culvert replacement list that was put together by North Country Council. Lindsay will respond to the letter and let DOT know that we plan on commenting and will get back to them.

The BCC reviewed a letter from DES to Presidential Mountain Resort regarding the shoreland violation. They must submit an after the fact shoreland application. There was discussion on if they will have to file again when and if they make changes to the pool and restaurant area. Cheryl will draft a letter to DES for discussion at our next meeting to make sure DES is aware of the pool and restaurant area.

Chris found the Hazardous Mitigation schedule and gave it to the BCC. The next meetings are Feb.  26th, March 18th, and April 15th. The meetings typically last about 2 hours.

The Connecticut River Advisory is looking for a donation. We have donated in the past but decided to wait on this as we are not sure what may come up during the rest of the year.

Grafton County Commission District is having a plant sale. There was brief discussion on the old community gardens and if the BCC is still planning to convert them to pollinator/wildflower gardens. Cheryl said she thought the Select Board had discussed taking them out, the BCC should find out for sure before we commit any time or money resources to the project.


The BCC received a request for NHACC dues in the amount of $275. Lindsay motioned that we pay our NHACC dues of $275, Margaret seconded the motion, motion carried 5-0.


Barry Zitser came before the BCC to discuss a trash and recycling report that was produced under HB617. Barry would like the BCC to consider writing a letter to the editor to bring attention to the committee findings and help bring awareness to the community regarding the state of trash and recyclables in NH and what can be done to improve or replace the waste system that we have now. Margaret would like to see Bethlehem join the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA).  Barry said that he NRRA has been a great resource for the Transfer Station Committee and a few of their members have attended workshops and webinars. The BCC will look into the cost of joining and the process involved to see if the BCC could become a member of the NRRA. Barry will send the BCC draft comments to discuss at the next meeting.


The BCC reviewed the edited draft annual report. Chery moved we accept the revisions of the annual report that Nicole drafted. Margaret seconded, motion carried 5-0.


There is no update at this time.


Nicole had completed the drafted trail map project. The BCC members will review it and bring any edits or suggestions to the next meeting. There was discussion about printing the brochure in color. Margaret suggested getting a price from Littleton Office Supply for the cost of printing.


Cheryl said that she had spoken with Jeanne Robillard, and that Jeanne is interested in becoming an alternate however, if we need her for a meeting someone from the BCC will have to call her and let her know in advance. The other members agreed that this is not a problem. Cheryl let the BCC know that Lindsay and Margaret’s terms are up in April of this year. Cheryl motioned we recommend to the Selectboard that Jeanne Robillard be appointed as an alternate for a three year term starting in April of 2020 to April of 2023. Margaret seconded, motioned carried 5-0.

Cheryl motioned we recommend to the Selectboard that they reappoint Lindsay Webb and Margaret Gale for a three year term from April 2020 to April 2023. Vivian seconded, motion carried 5-0.


The next meeting will be February 27th at 6:00pm.

The March meeting will not be able to be March 26th, Lindsay asked everyone to check their calendars and see what date works better March 24th or March 18th. The BCC will pick a March date at the February meeting.

Cheryl motioned we adjourn the meeting at 7:39 pm, Margaret seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole McGrath, Secretary