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2:30 pm Whatever Wednesdays – 2:30-3:30p...
Whatever Wednesdays – 2:30-3:30p...
Oct 16 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Whatever Wednesdays - 2:30-3:30pm: For grades 3 and up. Different activity each week.
Whatever Wednesdays – 2:30-3:30pm: For grades 3 and up. Different activity each week. Homework help available too! 10/2    Halloween movie & popcorn 10/9     Drones 10/16   Cookie Decorating 10/23   Halloween Craft 10/30   Bingo (and candy!)
6:30 pm Transfer Station Committee Meeting
Transfer Station Committee Meeting
Oct 16 @ 6:30 pm
Transfer Station Committee Meeting
TOWN OF BETHLEHEM P. O. Box 189, 2155 Main Street Bethlehem, New Hampshire 03574 603 869-3351   AGENDA Wednesday, October 16, 2019 6:30 PM TRANSFER STATION COMMITTEE Bethlehem Town Hall Meeting Room   Approval of[...]
12:00 pm Readers Café book discussion
Readers Café book discussion
Oct 17 @ 12:00 pm
Readers Café book discussion
Readers Café book discussion—Thursday, October 17th Noon AND Saturday, October 19th 9am. This month: Educated by Tara Westover
2:30 pm Creative Kids (grades K-6)
Creative Kids (grades K-6)
Oct 17 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Creative Kids (grades K-6) @ Bethlehem Public Library | Bethlehem | New Hampshire | United States
Each week something different – Legos, crafts, STEm toys and more!
7:00 pm Geoffrey Brahmer Presents Life a...
Geoffrey Brahmer Presents Life a...
Oct 17 @ 7:00 pm
Geoffrey Brahmer Presents Life and Writings of Primo Levi
Geoffrey Brahmer Presents Life and Writings of Primo Levi October 17      Guest Speaker Geoffrey Brahmer appears in Bethlehem, NH, at 7 p.m., Thursday, October 17, in the Bethlehem Public Library with a PowerPoint presentation[...]

02/03/2016 – PB Minutes

Bethlehem Planning Board
Meeting Minutes
February 3, 2016
Bethlehem Town Hall Meeting Room

Present: Mike Bruno, Chris McGrath, Don Lavoie, Andrea Bryant, Dave Wiley, Steve Gorman, and Marie Stevenson.

Excused: Sandy Lalem and Jeanne Robillard.

The board reviews the minutes from January 27, 2016. Andrea requests a number of changes to be made to the second page. In paragraph 2, line four, she requests that the word “landfill” be changed to “gravel pit.” Further on in the same paragraph, line eleven, she requests the following statement be added after the sentence that ends with 8 acres: “He stated they will monitor ground water and excavation will only take place 6 feet about ground water”

Motion made by Dave Wiley, seconded by Andrea Bryant, to approve the minutes from January 27, 2016 as amended. All member vote in favor, motion passes.

Mike opens the public hearing for BP Reality at 6:15.

Brian Lee is before the board for Site Plan Review for the former Stoney’s Auto Body property. Mr. Lee presents his plans which include renting two spaces, one for a landscaping company and the other to a truk fabricator. A third space is currently being used for personal storage, but he would like to be able to rent it in the future; possibly as car storage, or to a carpenter. The existing house on the property is being rehabbed and he intends to rent that out as well.

The Planning Board reviews the checklist.

Motion made by Dave Wiley, Seconded by Steve Gorman, to accept the application as complete. All members in favor, the motion carries.

Reginald Stone, an abutter to the property, raises a question about a complaint filed with DES for this property. He goes further by stating DES had tested the wells of the neighboring properties. Planning Board member Chris McGrath confirms this.

This raises a question as to whether or not the property is with the aquifer, and whether or not Mr. Lee will need to submit a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan as part of his application. The board reviews the Aquifer map and determines this property is with the Aquifer.

Mike Bruno proposes since the checklist is complete, they condition the approval on the SPCC Plan. Don adds that the Planning Board authorize the building inspector to approve.

Motion made by Mike Bruno, seconded by Dave Wiley, to conditionally approve with Aquifer Protection Zone items for Performance Standards, SPILL PREVENTION, CONTROL AND COUNTERMEASURE (SPCC) PLAN. Furthermore giving Dave Wiley the authority to follow-up and approve. All members vote in favor, motion carries.

Mike opens the hearing up for the public input.

Reginald Stone has numerous concerns about the project. These include the fear that the land is contaminated, how much of his land is going to be used for access and egress in regards to the ROW, and noise for after hour’s operation.

Jen Stone is concerned about truck and the septic.

Reginald Stone asks how the ROW works.

Don Lavoie would like to now what the calculation is for building coverage on this lot. He explains the business has been out of operation for 6 years, and therefore loses the grandfather status.

Mike Bruno feels there are a significant amount of questions for the project and wonders if the board shouldn’t consider a site visit. He would also like to see a more detailed map. The current ordinance states 35% green space and 25% lot coverage. A more detailed map could address those concerns, as well as show more details for the contour of the land. The rest of the board agrees a site visit would be beneficial. The board schedules a site visit for Sunday, February 14th at 10:00am.

Dave would like to see more detailed parking on the site plan.

Marie questions the size of the septic in relation to how many businesses will operate on the property, as well as the residential component.

Don suggests because this project is already underway, that the board consider putting something in writing authorizing the progress, or issuing a cease and desist.

Dave feels the project should be allowed to continue, and the current businesses allowed to operate, as long as the applicant is making a good faith effort to bring the project into compliance with Town’s Site Plan Review.

Brian Lee hopes the town is lenient. He is doing the best he can to do right by the property.

Don’s sense is the apartment isn’t part of SPR and can continue.

Reginald Stone doesn’t understand how the board can let it continue.
Mike Bruno feels Mr. Lee is trying to meet the needs for the process to continue and doesn’t feel the Planning Board should make an issue out of it.

Chris McGrath adds that the majority of the traffic to the site is a result of the construction/repairs to the site.

Don Lavoie states that SPR is not about what Mr. Lee can do,k it’s about the site. Is it going to be impossible for Mr. Lee to comply? What he is asking for is a permitted use, so probably not.

Motion made by Mike Bruno, Seconded by Dave Wiley, to continue the public hearing for Site Plan Reiew of Mart 9th, at 6:15 pm. All members in favor, motion carries.

Mike asks Dawn if she can locate the letters from DES regarding the well te4sting so they have them to reference at the continued public hearing.

The board reviews the Interior Status letter for Northern Pass. It is decided that the Aquifer Ordinance will move to #2 on the list. It is also decided thtat the Master Plan results will be addes, and the board will make a statement regarding wetland standards. The board will also refer to the Town’s height ordinance.

The board discesses Alternate Board Member positions. Both Jeanne and Don’s positions are up this year. The board asks Dawn to adertise the requests for letters of interest. In the meantime the board will consider what the criteria should be for alternates.

Motion made by Steve Gorman, seconded by Dave Wiley to adjourn at 8:25 pm. All members in favor. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Ferringo
Planning and Zoning Board Clerk