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02/19/2019 TSC Minutes

Transfer Station Committee meeting February 19, 2019
Present: Dann, Katherine, Barry, Julie, Jeanne, Andrea

We Discussed the letter to the editor . We pondered  if the letters should  say what the vote of the committee for the 35,000 was not unanimous,
Katherine motioned, That we put in that the majority voted to add  35,000 to the capital reserve fund. ….. It failed 2 to 4 so the letter will not to include  word majority voted or any mention of the vote. …..We made a few other minor edits to the letter.
Comm. Voted to authorize Andrea to send in the letter.

Committee membership:  We want to know who is still on the committee and who should be receiving emails.
Barry told us that Jerry Blanchard is still interested in being on the committee…

We discuss ways to find new members.
The SB has to appoint members.   Ask the SB to put it out there that we would like to get some active members.
It could be added to the meeting notice and put on the website…
We wonder how we should handle existing members who don’t attend?  Do we have to ask SB to give us the authorization to remove members from the email thread who do not attend three meetings in a row with no notification…
Look at the members and minutes and ask Nicole to send a personal note to the people who have not been attending to the meeting to find out if they are or are not going to be on the committee.

Barry thinks the SB should ask Casella to improve the composting and recycling at the current transfer station on Trudeau Rd.
Talked about Vermont’s law about food scrap law .  Andrea & Julie feels that we shouldn’t make suggestions to NCES cause they are not part of the town.
Dann doesn’t see the harm in it…
We discussed that Casella should provide for bins for food scrap to schools…
Jeanne: We believe that the current system could be approved
Katherine doubts it will be free..
Barry said they brag how good they are…how much will it take for them to do it?
Its an opportunity to divert waste from the landfill…
Dann makes a motion that the SB add to the TS committee’s responsibility to  make recommendation to NCES as to improvement to the existing transfer station such as composting….    Seconded by Barry….
2 yes 4 no. Motion failed we will not be asking NCES to add composing.
Barry, Dann/. No Andrea, Jeanne , Katherine , Julie

Barry wants to get a cost for town wide curbside pick up. Discussed that In the past Curbside in the village district costs,  Jeanne thinks $52000.     $1000 a week
Jeanne is going to get a number for what town wide curbside pick up would be.

Exploring options of  joining a regional organization involved with solid waste and recycling.    What are the options?    Pemi Baker Solid Waste….or the one associated with Carberry. ARVARD….

Bethlehem left Pemi Baker years ago . Jeanne mentioned that it was because they did not want us part of the group because we were a host community and opposing expansion.
What are terms and conditions of joining one?
What regional groups are out there?
Jeanne volunteered to explore this option.

40% of waste at NCES is from out of State…

Carberry: Barry reported that they want applicant to have a firm solid waste plan before applying to use their landfill.  He does not think there is a waiting list. .

Explore option of having a stationary compressor truck available at a site for residents to deliver waste, in lieu of a transfer station. Barry to follow up on this.   What would be the additional costs to provide for bulky white goods, recycling..

Jeanne said she is pretty sure that The town does not legally have to provide for white goods and recyclables.

The idea was discussed that our own TS should explore an aggressive composting program…providing every school and restaurant container for food scraps…
Reward people who bring food scraps to TS coupons to a place like that to give to people who bring food scraps…We would need  the equipment to turn it… Katherine and Kristina.
Julie said New England organics had resistance due to smells and animals.
Julie will ask Woody about composting.
Kirstin at CLF is into zero waste. She maybe someone to contact.

Next meeting date:  Tuesday April 9.    Andrea will ask Nicole if room is available (date is confirmed)

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April 22, 2019

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