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2:30 pm Whatever Wednesdays – 2:30-3:30p...
Whatever Wednesdays – 2:30-3:30p...
Oct 16 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Whatever Wednesdays - 2:30-3:30pm: For grades 3 and up. Different activity each week.
Whatever Wednesdays – 2:30-3:30pm: For grades 3 and up. Different activity each week. Homework help available too! 10/2    Halloween movie & popcorn 10/9     Drones 10/16   Cookie Decorating 10/23   Halloween Craft 10/30   Bingo (and candy!)
6:30 pm Transfer Station Committee Meeting
Transfer Station Committee Meeting
Oct 16 @ 6:30 pm
Transfer Station Committee Meeting
TOWN OF BETHLEHEM P. O. Box 189, 2155 Main Street Bethlehem, New Hampshire 03574 603 869-3351   AGENDA Wednesday, October 16, 2019 6:30 PM TRANSFER STATION COMMITTEE Bethlehem Town Hall Meeting Room   Approval of[...]
12:00 pm Readers Café book discussion
Readers Café book discussion
Oct 17 @ 12:00 pm
Readers Café book discussion
Readers Café book discussion—Thursday, October 17th Noon AND Saturday, October 19th 9am. This month: Educated by Tara Westover
2:30 pm Creative Kids (grades K-6)
Creative Kids (grades K-6)
Oct 17 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Creative Kids (grades K-6) @ Bethlehem Public Library | Bethlehem | New Hampshire | United States
Each week something different – Legos, crafts, STEm toys and more!
7:00 pm Geoffrey Brahmer Presents Life a...
Geoffrey Brahmer Presents Life a...
Oct 17 @ 7:00 pm
Geoffrey Brahmer Presents Life and Writings of Primo Levi
Geoffrey Brahmer Presents Life and Writings of Primo Levi October 17      Guest Speaker Geoffrey Brahmer appears in Bethlehem, NH, at 7 p.m., Thursday, October 17, in the Bethlehem Public Library with a PowerPoint presentation[...]

04/08/2015 – PB Minutes

April 8, 2015

Present:Dave Wiley, Mike Bruno, Chris McGrath, Andrea Bryant, Steve Gorman, Marie Stevenson, Libby Staples, and Don Lavoie.
Excused: Sandy Laleme
Absent: Jeanne Robillard

Dave Wiley opens the meeting at 6:00pm.

The first order of business is to elect new officers.

Motion made by Dave Wiley, seconded by Chris McGrath to nominate Mike Bruno for board chair. All members in favor, Mike Bruno abstains, motion carries, and Mike Bruno becomes the new board chair.

Motion made by Mike Bruno, seconded by Steve Gorman, to nominate Dave Wiley as vice chair. All in favor, Dave abstains, motion carries, and Dave Wiley becomes the vice chair.

Mike reads the public hearing notice for Eversource’s request for permission to trim trees on scenic roads in Bethlehem and opens the hearing at 6:05.

Bea Hebert of Eversource explains this is a routine request that follows their 4 year cycle for tree
trimming and that they are requesting permission for all 3 scenic roads at one public hearing. Bea then
shows the flyer which was sent to all the property owners informing them of the trimming.

Andrea is concerned about the current road bands. Bea assures the board none of this work will begin until the road bands have been lifted.

Julian Czarny lead a discussion regarding the mailing. Were the residents of all three scenic roads sent mailers at this point? To date only the residents of Swazey Lane had been sent the mailers. The question arises whether or not there needs to be more than one public hearing; one for each road, after the mailers have been sent out. The feeling is that Eversource and Asplundh make every effort to work with the land owner and adhere to their wishes and one public hearing including all three roads would be sufficient

A question about Whitcomb Hill Road arises. Why is that road not listed on the public hearing notice.
Dawn indicates that, according to road agent Brett Jackson, the only 3 roads with a “Scenic Road” designation are Swazye Lane, Gilmanton Hill Road, and Lewis Hill Road. It is brought to the board’s attention that there is a “Scenic Road” marker at the beginning of Whitcomb Hill Road. Dawn will look into the matter.

Motion made by Chris McGrath, seconded by Dave Wiley to grant permission to Eversource to trim and remove trees adjacent to and beneath all of its power lines on designated scenic roads, Gilmanton Hill Road, Lewis Hill Road, and Swazey Lane. All members in favor, motion carries and Eversource is granted the requested permission.

Mike Bruno closes the public hearing at 6:38.

The board reviews the minutes from the March 25, 2015.

Motion made by Dave Wiley, seconded by Chris McGrath, to approve the minutes from March 25, 2015 as presented. Mike, Dave, Chris, Steve, and Andrea vote in favor. Libby and Marie abstain due to absence. Motion carried, minutes from March 25, 2015 are accepted. The board discussed changed the start time of their meetings from 6:00 to 6:30 to accommodate the schedules a numerous members.

Motion made by Dave Wiley, seconded by Mike Bruno, to change the planning board meeting start time from 6:00 to 6:30 beginning May 13, 2015 for the duration of the summer, with the start time reverting back to 6:00 during the winter months. All members in favor, motion carries.

A brief discussion takes place regarding alternates. Dawn will research if it is necessary to advertise in the paper, as well as what that cost would be.

Don brings to the boards attention that the Colonial Theatre will be in before the board for Site Plan
Review soon for the renovation project they brought for a conceptual in 2013. Don would like to know if the board feels it is necessary for the Colonial’s architect to be present for the meeting. From the perspective of the Building Official Dave Wiley feels it is not necessary and suggests he get a copy of the plans prior to the public hearing.

Motion made by Dave Wiley, seconded by Libby Staples, to adjourn the meeting at 6:55. All members in favor, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dawn Ferringo
Planning and Zoning Clerk