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05/08/2019 – PB Minutes



Planning Board

May 8, 2019



6:00 pm

Present: Chairman Johnathan Stevenson, Vice Chair Mike Bruno, Chris McGrath, Marie Stevenson, Kevin Roy, Kim Koprowski and Chris Jensen

Chairman Stevenson opened the meeting at 6:00 pm. He said that he would like the board to stand for the pledge of allegiance.  The agenda was read for AHEAD LLOYDS HILL update. Larry Berg explained that the project was going from 3 floors to 2.  The footprint will change minimally. The number of units, 48, will remain the same although they will be slightly small.  The units will be stick built.  Forced hot water from propane.  Solar panels will be on the roof.  The area where the solar array was going to be built, will not be disturbed.

Board discussion:

Kim Koprowski asked why they went to stick built instead of modular.  Larry Berg answered: It was quicker and cheaper.  Chris Jensen asked about the water running off the roof from the solar panels.  Larry Berg said that there will be no impact.  Kim Koprowski asked about the trees being damaged along the drive.  Larry Berg said they were as careful as possible.  He said the final DOT upgrade for drainage will be available at the end of July.  Chris McGrath asked Mr. Berg if the change affected any of the state permits.  No, it did not.   Ahead was asked if they have spoke with Dave Wiley code enforcement, about adding the solar panels to the roof.  Yes, answered Gene Girdwood (project manager) they have spoken with Dave and Jack Anderson and there were no safety concerns as long as the roof was reinforced as necessary.

Public input:

Mr. and Mrs. Deapo are abutters. Their experience with the project in their back yard if not going well.  They did not know about the project before they moved in. They also said they asked Dave Wiley for help and referred them to AHEAD.  They said they were hoping to bring this up with Select Board as an enforcement issue.  Chris Jensen gave them his information to set up a meeting with the Select Board.

Chris McGrath motion to accept the updated site plan with a new mylar for LLOYDS HILL. Kevin Roy second 7-0 motion passes.

Close update on AHEAD project 6:30

Open alternate board members appointment

The discussion centered around how to elect alternate members. There was a policy in effect: minutes from April 23, 2014.  Chris McGrath thought it to be first come first serve.  This policy can be changed by a new board.  Chris Jensen said if the board is going to change the policy perhaps it should say how the alternates would be chosen.  Mike Bruno would like to decide his vote based on experience, and people who show up at the meetings.  Kim Koprowski would like the board to make a procedure for voting.  The board read all the letters of intent from the candidates.

  • Gerry Blanchard
  • Kristine Zontini
  • Martin Glavac
  • Roger Metras
  • Dann
  • Peter Roy
  • Anthony Rodrigues

Peter Roy and Anthony Rodrigues were present:

  • Peter Roy explained his experience in law enforcement and his love of Bethlehem. He currently works with the court system.
  • Anthony Rodrigues has interest in becoming an informed member. His son was PB Chair for two years. And he would like to carry on in his footsteps. He has been here for 27 years.

The board voted by hand vote. Each board member got two votes.

Peter Roy and Anthony Rodrigues were appointed Planning Board alternates for a 3-year term. Peter Roy got five votes and Anthony Rodrigues got six. Kristina Zontini got three votes.  

Minutes from April 10, 2019: Kevin Roy motion to approve minutes from April 10, 2019 Chris Jensen second 5-2 motion passes Mike Bruno abstained Chris McGrath opposed

Board Business  

Kevin Roy thinks that having a student representative is a great idea. It was brought up at the last meeting.  He would like to know how to get this started.  Kim Koprowski will check with Profile school board.

Next planning board meeting June 12, 2019.

  • Going over board procedures at next meeting. Chris Jensen will find other towns with similar demographic as Bethlehem.
  • Kevin Roy would like the board to have name plates.
  • Marie Stevenson asked if she could walk the Lloyds Hill property. The Deapo’s invited her.
  • How will the board appoint alternates… with the absence of a board member?

Jon Swan (Dalton) from Save Forest Lake asked to speak with the board. Kevin Roy recused himself during Mr. Swans talk.  Mr. Swan wanted the board to be aware of the regional impact that 1900 acres being sold to Casella will impact the area and he feels it would have a terrible impact on Dalton and Forest Lake. There is no application currently.

Chris McGrath said he is going to learn more about regional impact.

Mike Bruno motion to adjourn Marie Stevenson second 7-0 motion passes

Adjourned 7:45 pm

Respectfully submitted

Debra Bayley

Planning/Zoning Clerk





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June 18, 2019

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