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Let’s Talk! Topical Discussions ...
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07/26/2017 – PB Minutes

Planning Board
July 26, 2017

6:00 pm

Present:  Chairman Mike Bruno, Marie Stevenson, Johnathan Stevenson, David Rodrigues, Mary Moritz, and Neil Brody.
Absent:  Dave Wiley
Mike Bruno opened the meeting at 6:00 pm, and then read the Agenda on  Sub division regulations.  There were some inconsistencies and typos that need to be fixed.
There were two meanings for a Major Sub division.  One will be omitted.
Section 4. General Provisions 4.06,  needs to be reworked
Design Review Phase #1. , should be explained better to as a conceptual.
4.06  needs to state more on impact of the project
5.03 minor subdivision  #3.  Needs to be reworked adding time line
5.02  need to address the RSA
5.06 #1  non buildable lots needs clarification
5.07 #1 changed to 10 days
5.07 #2  change to and or Currier or Caledonian
7.01  change to 3 blueprints
8.03 Sidewalks / need to include the Village District Commissioners
#16 Gravel Base, #17 Asphalt surface, #18 Gravel Shoulders and #19 Bridges.  Dave Willey check on Specks
8.05 Street Sign/  need to say Select Board
8.07 Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Systems need to add Village District Commissioners
Section 16 Amendments, section 17 needs to be reworked
Notes: will be omitted
Johnathan Stevenson said NH DOT  book of Standards and Specifications  will be a useful tool for this.
Mike Bruno read the new proposed HB-514 regarding board alternates, mentioned by Chris McGrath from the June 21, 2017 meeting.
Dann asked about what’s going on with the hydrants.  All part of the aftermath of the rain storm, answered Mike Bruno.
Minutes  from June 21, 2017  Dave Rodrigues motioned to approve Marie Stevenson seconded 4-2 motion carries with two abstained     Mary Moritz and Mike Bruno
There was discussion on next two meetings being set for August 9th and August 23, 2017
Marie  Stevenson motion to adjourn  Dave Rodrigues seconded  6-0 motion carries.

Respectfully submitted
Debra Bayley
Planning/Zoning Clerk