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5:30 pm Organized Acts of Kindness for S...
Organized Acts of Kindness for S...
Aug 18 @ 5:30 pm
Friday, August 18th Organized Acts of Kindness for Seniors (OAKS) Fundraiser at Colonial Theater, Main Street, Bethlehem, NH   Tickets $10 at the door, or in advance at WREN-Local Works Marketplace 5:30-6pm Welcome Reception 6pm[...]
4:00 pm Bethlehem Country Club Fundraiser
Bethlehem Country Club Fundraiser
Aug 19 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Bethlehem Country Club Fundraiser @ Bethlehem Country Club | Bethlehem | New Hampshire | United States
SAVE THE DATE!   The Friends of the Bethlehem Country Club cordially invite you to rediscover Bethlehem’s Golden Age at the Bethlehem Country Club to raise money for renovations at the Clubhouse! Dress to Impress! Saturday,[...]
6:00 pm Barnyard Incident
Barnyard Incident
Aug 20 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Barnyard Incident @ Bethlehem Gazebo
Concert Flyer
10:30 am Preschool Story Time
Preschool Story Time
Aug 22 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Preschool Story Time @ Bethlehem Public Library | Bethlehem | New Hampshire | United States
Preschool Story Time Stories and crafts for children ages 3-5 and their caregivers. 2 Times Each Week! Tuesdays 10am Thursdays 6pm Come in your PJs!

Bethlehem Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
Bethlehem Selectmen Office September 26, 2016
Present: Chairman Glavac, Selectman Laleme, Selectman Ubaldo, Selectman Blanchard.

Chairman Glavac opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Chief Ho-Sing-Loy came before the Board to present some awards. He said he wanted to recognize Officers Andrew Hennessy from Bethlehem Police Department, Justin Washburn from Carroll Police Department and Gary Pilotte from the Franconia Police Department for Exceptional Performance of Duties. Chairman Glavac read the awards that told of how they responded to a call for a man with a gun in the woods. They found the man who had a self inflicted gunshot wound and were able to get the man to medical treatment.

Brett Jackson came before the Board to discuss the quotes he received for a new highway truck. He said he is replacing the 2005 Ford that has 60,000 miles on it and is unreliable and expensive to keep going. The quote for the Ford is $59,181.00 and the quote for the Dodge is $47,977 plus the amount to outfit it with the plow and sander. Both dealers will give a trade allowance of $8,000.00. Mr. Jackson said they have the same warranties and he recommends going with the Dodge. Selectman Blanchard moved to go with the Dodge truck from Crosstown for $47,977.00 plus outfitting. Selectman Laleme seconded. Carried 4-0. Chairman Glavac moved to purchase the truck with Highway Truck Capital Reserve funds. Selectman Ubaldo seconded. Carried 4-0.

The Board discussed electricity quotes that will be coming that will be under .8 cents from Nextera. The Board will wait until having the definite price before voting.

Chairman Glavac read the ad for accepting fuel bids. KMJ bid: 2.399 for Kerosene and 1.999 for #2 fuel. Irving bid: 1.446 for Propane, 1.909 for #2 fuel, and 1.783 for Diesel DLS-D. Franconia Gas bid: .99 for variable index plus and 1.34 for fixed price for Propane. Jesse Lyman bid: 1.299 for Propane, 2.499 for Kerosene, 1.999 for #2, 1.895 for Unleaded RNDD and 1.945 for summer blend and 2.195 for winter blend Diesel. Selectman Laleme said the variable price fluctuates a lot and hard to budget for. Chairman Glavac moved to accept the proposal from Jesse Lyman for all fuel needs. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 3-0 (Selectman Ubaldo abstained).

Selectman Laleme gave an update on Northern Pass. She said the pretrial testimony is happening at the technical sessions now and that Cheryl Jensen was there and sent her a tape
of it. She also said she sent a request to all Board members of all Boards seeking testimony about zoning laws, economic concerns etc.

The Board reviewed a request from Eversource for a Pole license. Chairman Glavac moved to approve the pole license request. Selectman Laleme seconded. Carried 4-0.

Chairman Glavac said the Board has not talked as a Board about the Bethlehem Sustainability Park presentation from NCES and wants the Boards input of what steps to take. He said he thinks the Board needs to consult with the town attorney. Selectman Laleme moved to have a conference call with the attorney before doing anything further. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Chairman Glavac said it is the right thing to do with the agreement in place to see what the options are. Carried 4-0.

The Board reviewed the minutes from 09/12/16 and 09/19/16. Chairman Glavac moved to approve the minutes from 09/12/16. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 4-0. Selectman Blanchard moved to approve the minutes from 09/19/16. Chairman Glavac seconded. Carried 4-0.

Public Comment: Andrea Bryant said the sustainability park is in District 11 and there is a sign and wants to know if they have a sign permit for it. Chairman Glavac said the Board will look into it. Dann said the sustainability park will be a boom for Bethlehem and will help people of Bethlehem and hopes the Board will be open to changing the zoning to allow it. He said he will promote it. Rita Farrell said the settlement agreement has restrictions on development and expanding outside District V and also says they cannot acquire property to use as landfill purpose. She said John Casella signed the agreement saying he guaranteed everything in the agreement except #5. She said the town voted on expanding District 5 and only that. Selectman Laleme said we don’t know at this time if it will even be an issue. She said at this point the Board has only voted to talk with the attorney. She said we need to make sure we are not breaking any agreement. Mrs. Farrell said Brenda (Attorney Keith) asked Attorney Gould about the gas probes and wells and said she shouldn’t have asked him. She said it is not equal treatment to get on the agenda and said work sessions are usually for budget meetings. Chairman Glavac told Mrs. Farrell that she has had more time than anyone and said there will be plenty of time for open discussion if it gets to that point. He said if our attorney says we should not pursue this any further then we will announce that. Mrs. Bryant asked if the Board would be asking the attorney about the 100 acre expansion. Chairman Glavac said the attorney will be asked if we can discuss any of this. Mrs. Farrell asked when they (NCES) asked to be put on the agenda and said Cliff Crosby had the same numbers in January that were presented. Chairman Glavac said it will be a transparent discussion. Selectman Laleme said Mr. Crosby came in to the Board with the NCES mailing and the Board didn’t discuss or act upon it. She said the Board’s responsibility now is to protect the agreement. She said there is support for the expansion and that there are two sides to this. She said the question is if the Board can engage in discussion with NCES. Mrs.
Farrell said the agreement says it can change if both parties agree. She said the people that attended the meeting were there because Mr. Crosby brought them. Mrs. Bryant asked that the attorney be asked if they are currently in violation because they purchased the Tucker land for landfilling. She said they told the Planning Board that they purchased it for gravel.

At 7:30 Chairman Glavac moved to adjourn. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 4-0.

Respectfully submitted, April Hibberd