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3/28/2019 Conservation Commission Minutes



MARCH 28, 2019

6:00 PM Library

PRESENT: Nicole McGrath, Lindsay Webb, Cheryl Jensen, Margaret Gale, Linda Moore, Alternate Marilyn Johnson

REGRETS: Jeanne Robillard

GUESTS: Andrew Zboray, Christopher Jensen, Rita Farrell

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm.

MINUTES: Cheryl motioned to approve the minutes of February 28, 2019, Margaret seconded. Motion passed 4-0-1, Linda abstained.

Chair Lindsay Webb introduced Andrew Zboray. Andrew works for the State of NH in the Parks Department and has over 20 years of trail building experience. Andrew lives in Bethlehem and thinks the Town Forest has incredible potential for a contiguous trail that is accessible from the village. He recommends that if the BCC decides to work with the BTA to build trails on the Town Forest that a formal volunteer agreement be used. He has some templates that he can provide. The BCC should also confirm that the BTA has their own liability insurance. The BCC should apply for an Recreation Trails Program (RTP) Grant. If a grant is received it could be used to help pay for the SCA and america corps volunteers. He cautions that although this can be a great program it can also require a lot of oversight.  The cost of using the SCA would be about $10,000. If a professional trail building company was used a rough estimate of $30,000 to $50,000 was given.

TREASURER’S REPORT: There is $995 remaining in the Town Conservation Commission appropriation and $13,446.65 in the savings account.

MAILBAG: The BCC reviewed the mailbag items. HB442 did not pass.

2/22/19: DES Wetlands Permit for Rudarpa 2018-03548

2/22/19: DES Forestry Notification, 2019-00606

2/28/19: DES Wetlands and Non-site Specific Permit 2018-01689

3/1/19: Letter Response from SCA regarding pricing

3/11/19: UNHCE BioBlitz Application Request

3/11/19: State Conservation Grant Programs Workshop (LCHIP, DWGTF, SCC, ARM, FLP) on April 9

3/18/19: Wetlands Permit Application, Omni Mount Washington Sewer and Propane Gas Lines

3/18/19: Flyer opposing HB442

3/19/19: NHACC E-news

Lindsay attended the Shoes and Brews walk. It had a good turn out. ACT has one more event in March with the BCC as the partner of the month. It is a coyote talk. Linda, Margaret and Marilyn all plan on attending. Linda volunteered to read the talking points that Lindsay developed for the Coyote talk.

BUSINESS: The BCC reviewed the Omni Mount Washington Wetlands Permit Application. The impacts will be approximately 980 sq ft of temporary impact. The impacts will run along the already existing ski trails and will be used to run gas, sewer and utility lines to the new building.  There was brief discussion on the application and the BCC decided no comments were necessary due to the small temporary impacts.

OTHER: Gardner Kellog was asked to give an estimate for surveying the Town Forest, he estimated $3,000 to $4,000.  The BCC will put the survey out to bid when ready but wanted to get the anticipated cost of a survey. The BCC discussed the Grumman Fund. It is a grant that the BCC can apply for and can be used for trail construction and forest management projects. The application is due May 31st. Chris offers to start on the grant application.  There is discussion on if the Select Board will need to approve the BCC  application before it is filed. Once a final draft has been completed it will be presented to the Select Board.

The BCC discussed the UNHCE BioBlitz, it sounds like a fun and excited project we aren’t ready to hold an event at the Town Forest. We would like to keep it in mind for the future. Lindsay will reach out to see if this is an event they plan on running again and let them know we are interested in participating in the future.

Lindsay set up a new email account for the BCC Chair it is, BethlehemNHConservation@gmail.com

The BCC reviewed the disposition and retention schedule. Lindsay and Cheryl are going to begin to go through documents. There are most likely many documents that can be removed once we have confirmed that duplicates existed or the retention timeframes have been met. We may also be able to archive documents with the Town Clerk to free up some cabinet space. There is a brief discussion on converting some documents to electronic files. Nicole will look into the possibility of attaching electronic files to the assessing database.

The BCC reviewed the Roadside Clean up tasks. The Roadside clean up will be May 4th. Ben Woo has volunteered to donate donuts and Chris ordered ice cream from Bishops. Casella will provide 2 dumpsters for the clean up. There was discussion on recycling during the clean up. It was decided that we will not recycle this year as much of what is collected is too dirty and degraded to be recycled anyway.


April 25, 2019

May 23, 2019

June 27, 2019

Linda motioned to adjourn, Cheryl seconded, Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole McGrath