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The RFP’s will be sent to the Town of Bethlehem,
P.O. Box 189, 2155 Main Street, Bethlehem, NH  03574


The Town of Bethlehem is requesting proposals to have 234 existing streetlights throughout the town replaced with new LED approved (by Eversource) streetlights.
Included in this proposal is the following:

*There is a total of 234 streetlights.  We plan to assess the streetlights to determine if we want to add or remove some.   Kindly organize your bid with this flexibility in mind.

General Information

All qualified Proposers shall submit Proposals to The Town of Bethlehem, P.O. Box 189, 2155 Main Street, Bethlehem NH 03574 no later than 12:00 pm local time on 12/15/2017.  Proposals shall be submitted in sealed envelope clearly marked:

No late Proposals shall be considered.  Each proposal will be reviewed for completeness and incomplete Proposal may be rejected without further consideration.  A Proposal will be considered complete if all requested sections and information are included.  The Town of Bethlehem reserves the right to waive any irregularities and formalities in the selection of the Contractor for this project.  While Proposers are required to submit Proposals that fully comply with the requirements set forth in this RFP, alternative proposals may also be considered if the Proposer feels such proposals provide measureable value to the Town.  Such alternative proposals must meet the requirements set forth in this RFP.  Submission of a Proposal shall be conclusive evidence that the Proposer has examined this RFP and is familiar with all the conditions of any contract awarded.  Upon finding any omissions or discrepancy in this RFP, each Proposer shall notify the Town immediately so that any necessary addenda may be issued.  Failure of a Proposer to completely investigate the RFP and/or to be thoroughly familiar with this RFP shall in no way relieve any such Proposer from any obligation with respect to the Proposal.  By submission of a Proposal, the Proposer agrees that if its Proposal is accepted, then it shall enter into a Contract with The Town of Bethlehem which incorporates all the requirements of this RFP.  By submission of a Proposal, the Proposer further indicates acceptance of all terms and conditions of this RFP.

Additional Items

Any additional items that the Proposers feel would be a benefit to the Town such as GIS Locating of each street light, etc.

The Town will evaluate all Proposal based on the criteria listed in this RFP.  Top candidates will be identified based on written Proposals as well as answers to additional clarifying questions as requested by the Town.  The Town may hold interviews with selected candidates.  The Town reserves the right to select the Contractor that provides the most responsive and responsible Proposal, which best meets the needs of the Town, taking into account the Contractor’s qualifications, submittal quality, total project price.  It is expected that a single Contractor will be selected to complete the scope of work described in this RFP.


Contract Terms
The Contractor in their Proposal shall agree to conform to the minimum contractual terms listed in this RFP.  Any exception to these terms shall be noted and explained in Proposer’s proposal.  The selected Contractor may propose contracts that contain additional services or terms; however, the Town reserves the right to deem terms that do not conform to the terms set forth in this RFP void.


The Town will require that all state and federal laws will be followed such as licensed electricians, certified flaggers, etc.


The Contractor shall provide a schedule to the Town within his Proposal.  The proposed schedule shall include the following:
A.  Submit a proposed timeline meeting the installation requirement to complete the replacement of 234 existing fixtures.
B. Provide material lead times.
C. Provide a proposed installation schedule including proposed equipment and proposed labor.
Time is of the essence; it is critical for the contractor to meet the deadline set for this RFP.


Each Proposal submitted shall be formatted as described in the following section.  All proposals must be provided in orderly form.
A. Provide a detailed description of the project including installation time frame.
B. Provide technical details for the proposed fixtures along with manufacture specification cut sheets.
C. Provide a certificate of insurance for this project if approved as the winning contractor.

Proposal Cover Letter Template

Mary Moritz
Bethlehem Board of Selectman
Town of Bethlehem
P.O. Box 189, 2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH  03574

Re:  Proposer Information Form & Cover Letter for LED STREET LIGHTING CONVERSION PROJECT

Dear Ms. Moritz,

We offer the following commitments and representations to the Town of Bethlehem:

1)  The undersigned is authorized to submit this Proposal on behalf of the Proposer and to bind the Proposer to its terms.
2) We have fully reviewed the RFP and any and all addenda thereto, and we fully understand the scope and nature of the project and contractual arrangements for which Responses are being requested.
3) We certify that all of the information provided in our Proposal is true and accurate and that Town of Bethlehem may rely on such information in the evaluation of our Proposal.
4) We have read and understand the evaluation criteria in the RFP.  We accept that the Town reserves the right to waive informalities and to reject in whole or in part any and all Proposals.
5) We accept that the Town of Bethlehem reserves the right to select the Proposal that they view as most advantageous on the basis of the evaluation criteria listed in the RFP.
6) We agree to take full responsibility for all costs of preparing this Proposal.  We waive any and all claims against the Town of Bethlehem and its employees, representatives and agents related to the cost of preparing, submitting and having the Town review and evaluate this Proposal.
7) We agree to honor and hold all unit pricing provided in this proposal until March ___, 2018.
8) We have read and understand the product specifications in this RFP, and agree to meet or exceed such specifications in accordance with the provisions described therein.