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The Bethlehem Select Board and town clerk have decided to close the Town Hall effective Tuesday, March 24th.

The Town Hall has been open on a limited basis for items that could not be done on the web site.

But heightened concerns over the coronavirus and the safety of residents and employees led to the closing.

The fire, ambulance, highway and police departments are open with employees taking appropriate safety measures.

Town Hall employees will be working from home and messages can be left – and will be checked.

  • Town Hall Phone: 869-3351, 869-2293 or 869-3133.
  • Administrative Assistant/Welfare Director: April | ext 10
  • Planning/Zoning Secretary: Deb | ext 11
  • Assessing/Building Clerk: Nicole | ext 23
  • Town Clerk/Tax Collector: Mary | ext 13 & 15

The select board has organized a Neighbor-Helping-Neighbor program and that will continue. The goal is to assist people who are unable to leave home because they are quarantined or feel their health would be jeopardized by going out.

If you are restricted to your home and need groceries, mail, access to the food pantry or know of somebody who may need help, call 603-307- 4177.

Here are the services which can be done on the town website.

Here is the link to the website:

Online Services Include:

  • Renewing vehicle registrations
  • Paying taxes
  • Building applications
  • Vital records
  • Getting dog licenses

Please note: when using a credit/debit card an additional 2.79% will be charged. Since this charge is from an outside source, the town cannot waive it.

It is also possible to use Auto Clearing House, which is basically paying through your checkbook by entering your routing, account and check number on line. The additional fee is $1.50.

If you have a vehicle with temporary tags issued after March 1, 2020, the governor has extended the expiration date until April 30, 2020. That extension is automatic. You don’t need to do anything and police are being notified.

However, state officials say anyone who plans to travel out of state may wish to check to see whether that state will honor the extension.