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06/20/2024 BCC Agenda

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

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Conservation Commission Agenda

AGENDA June 20, 2024



                                              June 20, 2024, 5 p.m.

                                                    Bethlehem Library




1) Minutes to Approve

May 16, 2024

2) Treasurer’s Report – Margaret

3) NRI Update – Rachelle

4) Update on Eversource projects X-178 and U-199 – Cheryl

I was unable present comments at the PB hearing on May 22 because comments were only about height of the poles. However, the PB did not give its approval to the project. It and others are asking the state’s Site Evaluation Committee to intervene.

I testified at a ZOOM DES public hearing. Please see the 3 page report I am sending along. But the bottom line is that DES will issue its decision by mid-July.

5) Update on Seep Project and A-91 request – Cheryl

Seep: Nothing new from DES

A-91 request: Didn’t get much that we didn’t already have so I will have to submit another and I guess have to be more specific.

6) Update on Granite State Landfill – Cheryl

US Army Corps of Engneers: Noting since I submitted our comments in May. However, the comment period has been extended to July 3. I am asking whether the SB will submit its comments regarding traffic and safety issues, which had been submitted to the Dept. of Transportation and Department of Environmental Services on January 18, 2022 related to noise, air quality, safety, litter and damage to a fragile economy.

7) Possible Ordinances – Rachelle

8) Vote to recommend Vivian Winterhoff and Joanne Jones as Alternates whose 3-year term ends on April 1, 2027 – Cheryl

9) BCC helpers – Cheryl

10) Discuss upcoming meetings

11) Other/New Business

12) Public Comment


Next Meetings:

July 18, 5 p.m. Library (Betsey and Ivan cannot attend)

Discuss whether to cancel an August 15 or September 19 meeting or neither