Bethlehem Energy Commission

                                                   Bethlehem Energy Commission

                                                           Bethlehem Gazebo

                                                      Thursday July 2, 6:00pm



Mission: The Bethlehem Energy Commission was established for the study and planning of energy resources for the town. The commission will evaluate existing energy usage in the town and suggest possible improvements in energy efficiency and conservation, as well as potential clean renewable energy solutions in order to reduce expenses and increase self-reliance.

Vision? (For example – Energy use for buildings, transportation, industry, lighting, and other similar uses is consumed at a reasonable standard of efficiency. Energy supply for this usage comes from clean sources.)

Officers for 2020

Review minutes from last meeting

Energy data gathering – EPA Portfolio Manager at town office and SAU?

Town hall

Village District – DES audit/upgrades



Community power

Solar PV for municipal demand

Anything else?

Next meeting date

Public input



This meeting is open to the public. We will adjourn at or before 8:00pm