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01/21/2013 – Minutes

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Bethlehem Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
Bethlehem Town Building Meeting Room
January 21, 2013

Present: Chairman Blanchard, Selectman Culver, Selectman Laleme, Selectman Fiorentino, Selectman Glavac.

Chairman Blanchard opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.

The Board reviewed the Budget and Warrant Articles.

Selectman Culver moved to strike “no tax impact” on Article #15 (To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Selectmen to accept the new Bethlehem Public Library as a Town Asset. The building is being built on current Town owned land. No Tax Impact) Chairman Blanchard seconded. Not Carried 2-3.

There was discussion on whether there was a tax impact for accepting the new library building as a Town Building. Selectman Culver said there is a tax impact.

Selectman Laleme moved to accept Article #15 as written and if legal add Library Trustees recommend this Article. Selectman Glavac seconded. Carried 3-2.

The Board discussed Article # 16 (To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $7500 to cover the cost of building operation (heat, electric, maintenance cost including a janitor, paper supplies, property liability insurance and other cost currentyly included at the Town Building and not paid for by the Library) for the balance of 2013 with said funds to come from general taxation. The cost for building operation for 2014 is estimated at $30,000 (will be included in the 2014 default and proposed budget) which is to raise and appropriate $7500.00 for the last 4 months of operation for the new library for 2013. Selectman Glavac felt that it would raise questions if the wording says “last four months”. Chairman Blanchard moved to accept Article #16 with “last 4 months” replaced with “for the balance”. Selectman Fiorentino seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board discussed the Building Inspection line of $9500.00. Selectman Laleme wants to lower the amount for this. Chairman Blanchard moved to reduce the Building Inspection salary line from $9500.00 to $9000.00. Selectman Glavac seconded. Carried 4-1 (Selectman Fiorentino opposed).

The Board discussed the changes to the budget; change volunteer firefighters to call firefighters, move 10,000.00 from 01.4311.40.390 (Highway –Asphalt) to 01.4311.10.431 (Highway –Backhoe). Selectman Glavac said he would like to take the $10,000 from somewhere else and leave that in the Asphalt line. Chairman Blanchard said there is approx. 60,000 in the Cap. Reserve Asphalt fund.

Selectman Laleme would like to take $1000.00 out of the Welfare budget –food pantry line.

There was discussion about the Country Club budget. Chairman Blanchard expressed concern about reducing the Rest. Equip. exp. Line. Selectman Laleme said she would like to lower the Restaurant salary line by $5000.00 and increase the course salary line by the $5000.00. Selectman Glavac asked if this would increase traffic on the course. Selectman Culver said he thinks the Restaurant should be closed. Selectman Laleme said less golfers would come if the rest. was closed. Selectman Glavac said Rosa’s and Cold Mtn Café make money so the Country Club Rest. should be able to . Selectman Culver said the Rest. salary line should not be lowered if it is going to be open. Selectman Culver also said the right equipment needs to be purchased like a dishwasher.

Peter Roy asked if a private company could come in and run it. Selectman Laleme said the town could sell it but then would lose the asset and control. Chairman Blanchard said it can be leased. Peter said tourism isn’t what it used to be and not as many people are traveling to play golf. Chairman Blanchard said people do still come here to play golf.

The Board discussed the need to add money to the restaurant for equipment. Selectman Glavac said they should increase the line item for equipment and tell the manager the revenue’s have to be increased by that amount. Chairman Blanchard said we need to leave the Country Club budget as is. Selectman Laleme moved to accept the budget with earlier changes. Chairman Blanchard seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board reviewed the Warrant Articles.

Articles 5 –13 Chairman Blanchard moved to recommend, Selectman Laleme seconded. Carried 5-0.

Article #14 Selectman Culver moved to recommend, Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 5-0.

Article #’s 15 & 16, Chairman Blanchard moved to recommend, Selectman Glavac seconded. Carried 4-1 (Selectman Culver opposed).

Selectman Laleme moved that next year’s budget request for monies shall be by petitioned warrant article.
Chairman Blanchard seconded. Selectman Fiorentino said some of the agencies are not from Bethlehem and will be hard to get 25 Bethlehem resident signatures. Selectman Culver said Littleton does it that way. Selectman Laleme said a letter will be sent to let them know. Carried 5-0.

The Board reviewed a request from Recreation Director, Rhienna Miscio, on changes to the fees for vacation rec. Selectman Laleme moved to accept the changes as submitted. Chairman Blanchard seconded. Carried 5-0.

Chairman Blanchard moved to recommend $7500.00 Gazebo warrant Article. Selectman Laleme seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board reviewed a memo about having salaried employees fill out a time sheet per retirement request from the audit. Chairman Blanchard moved to accept the policy. Selectman Laleme seconded. Not carried 2-3.

The Board reviewed a Mutual Aid Agreement. Chairman Blanchard moved to accept and renew the agreement.
Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board reviewed the minutes from 12/27/12. Chairman Blanchard moved to approve the minutes from 12/27/12. Selectman Fiorentino seconded. Carried 3-0. (Selectmen Laleme and Culver abstained).

The Board reviewed the minutes from 01/07/13. Chairman Blanchard moved to approve the minutes from 01/07/13. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0. (Selectman Fiorentino and Glavac abstained)>

The Board discussed prices for a chair caddy. It was recommended that we check prices with WB Mason.

Chairman Blanchard moved to approve the default budget. Selectman Laleme seconded. Carried 5-0.

At 7:58 Chairman Blanchard moved to go into non-public session per 91A for matters of personnel and reputation.

At 8:50 Chairman Blanchard moved to adjourn. Selectman Glavac seconded. Carried 5-0.

Respectfully submitted,

April Hibberd

Administrative Assistant