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04/14/2020 ZBA Minutes



Tuesday April 14, 2020



6:00 pm

Present:  Andrea Bryant Chair, Patrick Doughty Vice Chair, Shane MacElhiney, Ruth Heintz, David Vanhouton

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance

Chair Bryant opened the meeting at 6:15 pm.  She then read the Agenda.

Agenda item:

Welcome new board members Ruth Heintz and David Vanhouton to the ZBA.  This is a 3-year term.

Shane asked it the ZBA was doing business as usual during the Covid.  Deb Bayley explained that the Planning/Zoning office is open.  She will share any applications with the Chair and Vice Chair as she receives them.  To date there are no applications pending.  There was correspondence that the Planning Board plan on keeping the same officers as past year until they meet again at the town hall.  Is this something that the ZBA would like to do?  Patrick Doughty said he is happy with the direction of the current board.  Shane also agrees to status quo.

David Vanhouton motion to table elections until next meeting July 14th, 2020.  Shane second 5-0 motion passes

Minutes were discussed in length.  Concerning intent and what was said.  Pat explained that minutes are not to capture everything just the main events of the meeting.  Motions and capturing the important aspects of the meeting.  Shane explained how the democratic bodies work.  Mr. Jensen asked if this was necessary.  Ruth Heintz said that it is what you said not what you remember now.

Andrea Bryant instructed the clerk to go back and listen to the recording.  Regarding what Patrick Doughty said about why he did not want to elect Ruth Heintz as an alternate.

Patrick Doughty said that the ZBA is the judicial arm, they take care of appeals. Mr. MacElhiney asked it the ZBA had a liaison?  Dave Vanhouton said that he would do some homework and get to the bottom of the question.

Next meeting July 14, 2020.  All in agreement 4-0

Patrick Doughty motion to adjourn Andrea Bryant second 5-0 adjourned

Respectfully submitted Deb Bayley P/Z Clerk