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05/13/2020 PB Minutes


Planning Board

May 13, 2020



6 p.m.


Present: Chairman Johnathan Stevenson, Mike Bruno, Chris McGrath, Marie Stevenson, Kim Koprowski, Kevin Roy, and Chris Jensen

Alternates Anthony Rodrigues unable to connect.  Peter Roy

Chairman Stevenson opened the meeting and then read the agenda.

Minutes from March 25, 2020

Chris McGrath made a motion to accept minutes from March 25, 2020 and Chris Jensen seconded. It passed on a 7-0 vote.

Minor Subdivision Rushing Water Richard Gould

Jennifer McCourt engineer for Mr. Gould presented the application.  Due to a shoreline permit approval, the river front access has been taken out of the plan.  There are two remaining lots as per the minor subdivision.  Map 402, lot 4.2. Prior to the meeting Mike Bruno looked over the application and the checklist and found it to be complete.

Public comment

Brian Cook asked if the land west of the project will be available for public use.  Andy Smith answered yes it will by an access easement from the forestry commission.

Mike Bruno motion to approve the checklist.  Chris Jensen second 7-0 motion passes.

Mike Bruno motion to approve the minor subdivision as dated May 2020.  Marie Stevenson second 7-0 motion passes

Close Gould minor sub

Open Rek`lis conceptual for updated plans

Ian Dowling and Marlaina Renton were present.  Mike Bruno wanted to express that the plans before the board are not what the board asked for.  Marlaina explained that they hired Dave Wiley to complete the plans as built.  They assumed that Dave Wiley had drawn up what the board wanted.  They admitted that they sent the information to Dave Wiley and thought nothing of it until they were told today that the updated Site Plan was not complete. They agreed that they have been extremely busy with all the regulations with Covid – 19 they’re just trying to make the business succeed.

Chris Jensen said that the boards position has not changed.  Rek`lis was sent a certified letter in February 2020, with all of things that the Planning Board would like to see on the plan.

Johnathan Stevenson suggested that an engineer might be a good idea.  Chris McGrath did not agree.  Marie Stevenson said the plans are just to vague.  Stevenson asked about the height and the load of the deck.  Ian Dowling said they are waiting for the fire chief for permission for the deck.  Having Dave Wiley here would help said Ian Dowling.  Kim Koprowski said that the plans were just received at the planning board office today.  It’s just not enough time to have the plans looked over.  Marlaina Renton said they don’t know if they are going to make it.  But they will know; they tried everything.  The board asked Rek`lis to come back in 2 weeks with updated plans. A letter will be sent explaining what needs to be added to the updated site plan.

Food Truck

Rek`lis are again this year leasing the land next to them.  There will be corn hole games and picknick tables for more outside seating.  Port a potty’s we be available. You will order from your table on a device. Masks will be worn until you are seated.  Food truck will be parked in the front of the building in the front parking lot if Rek`lis decides to purchase it.

Next meeting scheduled for May 27, 2020.  Conceptual for Rek`lis updated site plan.

Closed conceptual for Rek`lis

Board business

Mr. Bruno and Chairman Stevenson asked to have a letter sent to Rek’lis explaining the Planning Boards request.

Mr. Stevenson said rules are meant to be followed.


Chris McGrath said the Bretzfelder committee is looking for ideas for August subjects.  Peter Roy hopes they bring back the raptor exhibit.  Chris McGrath said they are.

Marie Stevenson motion to adjourn. Kim Koprowski second all in favor. 7-0


Respectfully submitted

Deb Bayley

Planning/Zoning Clerk