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05/27/2020 PB Minutes


Planning Board

May 27, 2020



6 p.m.


Present: Mike Bruno, Chris McGrath, Marie Stevenson, Kim Koprowski, Kevin Roy, and Chris Jensen

Excused absence: Chairman Johnathan Stevenson

Alternates: Anthony Rodrigues and Peter Roy

Vice Chair Bruno opened the meeting and then read the agenda. He appointed Anthony Rodrigues as a full voting member due to Chairman Stevenson’s absence.

Minutes from May 13, 2020

Kim Koprowski motion to approve May 13, 2020 minutes with a change.  Chris Jensen second. It passed on a 7-0 vote.

Rek`lis Conceptual

Mr. Bruno spoke with Dave Wiley regarding the deck on May 20, 2020.  It meets all engineering standards and wind and straps load. Chris McGrath motion to waive further Site Plans for Rek’lis and accept as built plans.  Mike Bruno second all in favor 7-0   passed

Ian Dowling expressed how happy he was to speak with Dave Wiley regarding the deck.

Kim Koprowski made a motion to waive the Site Plan for the deck from Dave Wiley plans. Chris McGrath second All in favor 7-0

Ian Dowling told the board that Tom Smith will be producing the updated Mylar. With the four feet expansion.

Mike Bruno asked about the outdoor seating.  He expressed that the Select Board supported the liquor license for the outdoor seating.  The agreement between Rek`lis and the owner of the land being used is not a Planning Board issue.

Mr. Dowling explained that the Governor has set the standard for restaurants.  It is in 3 Phases.  They are in the second phase now, outdoor seating.  You must wear a mask to the restaurant.  Once you are seated you can remove your mask.  All servers will always wear a mask.  You will be able to order from a device on the table or your cell phone.  Servers will bring out your meal. Then you will be instructed on your device how to pay the bill.

Kim Koprowski commented on her and her family enjoying the outside seating at Rek`lis.  She was really impressed.  It was a good job by all.

Mr. Dowling expressed that it is Marlaina getting everything going on task.

Closed conceptual for Rek`lis

Board Business

Chris McGrath wanted to update the group on his vision of an exit survey for all applicants. He cited a Michigan plan.

Mike Bruno said that he would help him with this.

Chris McGrath asked to have Deb Bayley forward a document from NHMA from a Google search he did.   Mike Bruno asked about another business in town using a food truck. Deb Bayley said that she reached out to the Planning clerk in Littleton.  She explained that they use a permit process.  Food trucks apply yearly from the Select Board.

Next meeting June 10, 2020

Conceptual for the Rocks Estate. It will be a 3-phase project.

Mr. Jensen asked if it was a good time for Tara Banford to weigh in on the Rock’s Conceptual?  Mike Bruno suggested that a site visit to The Rocks may be appropriate.

Marie Stevenson motion to adjourn Kevin Roy second all in favor 7-0 and it passes

Respectfully submitted by Deb Bayley. Planning and Zoning Clerk.