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06/17/2020 PB Minutes


Planning Board

June 17, 2020



6 p.m.

Present: Chairman Johnathan Stevenson, Mike Bruno, Chris McGrath, Marie Stevenson, Kim Koprowski, Kevin Roy, and Chris Jensen

Alternates: Anthony Rodrigues and Peter Roy

Chair Stevenson opened the meeting and then read the agenda.

Minutes from June 10, 2020.

Chris McGrath Motion to skip over minutes and do the Rock Conceptual first.  Chris Jensen second 7-0 passed

Nigel Manley the Rocks manager opened the Rocks presentation and introduced the team.  Will Abbott from the forest society presented an overview of the three components of the project.  Cris Salomon from Samyn D’Elia Architects did a presentation on the renovation of the Carriage Barn.  Ben Southworth from Garland Mill in Lancaster spoke about the new garage by the Red House.  Gardner Kellogg did the landscape plan. Mike Bruno asked it the Buckie/Francis home be removed?  It will be removed in the spring.  Mr. Bruno would like Nigel to get his pick of office space on the second floor.

No further questions from the board

No questions from the public

Chris McGrath would like to motion to waive Site Plan for the 2 bay Garage.  Mike Bruno second 7-0 passed

Mike Bruno motion to allow the Forrest Society to start any dirt work involved in the landscape plan for the Rocks moving forward.  Marie Stevenson second

6-1 Mr. Jensen abstained passed

Mike Bruno would like to thank Cris Solomon for the detailed plans. The Rocks asked if there was anything else that the board would like to have included in the plans.  The board did not have anything to add.  All board members agreed that the plans look great.

The new Red Barn will require a Site Plan application

Closed rocks conceptual

Minutes from May 27, 2020

Mike Bruno motion to approve minutes from 5-27-20 Kim Koprowski second

5-2 Johnathan Stevenson and Chris Jensen abstained Chris McGrath opposed


Board business

Chris McGrath said the SB talked about cutting the budget by 5%.  He will investigate what can be cut from the PB budget.

Vice Chairmen Bruno asked about opening Town Hall.  He explained that Select Board member Mary Moritz said the Planning Board can do what they want to do.  While adhering to Covid19 protocol.

Chris McGrath Motion to meet at Town Hall with all protocols in place.

Kevin Roy second 6-1   Mr. Jensen opposed      passed

Mr. Jensen brought up a professional planner.  Tara Bamford was attending the ZOOM meeting.  Her name was brought up in a prior meeting.  Along with her hourly wage.  Mr. Jensen stressed that there is a need for a professional planner.  He would like to provide a safety net for larger projects.

The board discussed having a hybrid meeting with some members at the town hall and others via ZOOM.

Mr. Jensen wanted to add to the professional planner suggestion.  He believes it to be money well spent.  Mr. Bruno supports Tara Bamford being used for the Rocks project. Mr. Stevenson wants to use her.

*Mike Bruno motion to use Tara Bamford for the Rocks project.  Prior to the next Planning Board Site Plan meeting for the Rocks, she will provide a fee schedule. Mr. Jensen second

Tara Bamford said that she will provide a fee schedule even though she gave Mr. Jensen one in the past.  She will only attend meetings via ZOOM.  Since the town is a member of the North Country Commission her hourly fee is $75.00.  There was a discussion among the board for Deb Bayley to send the pdfs from the project to Ms. Bamford.  Mr. Stevenson asked her to provide exactly how much this project will cost and her number of hours. Chris McGrath expressed that the applicated should have been present before this was discussed.

*Mr. Stevenson reminded everyone that there was a motion and second on the table. All in favor 4-3 motion passed to use Tara Bamford on the Rocks project.

3 opposed Kim Koprowski, Chris McGrath and Kevin Roy. passes

Kim Koprowski, going forward parameters should be discussed.  Tara Bamford asked if she could contact the applicate.  Kim Koprowski, Deb Bayley let the applicate know about the extra fees.  Mr. Stevenson, this is a learning curve, it will be smoother next time.

Chris McGrath is working on an exit review for Planning Board applicates.  He also asked if the Planning Board office was open.  Deb Bayley said I answer emails and phone calls but no foot traffic yet. Mr. Jensen said the Select Board has not voted to open the building. Mr. McGrath would like to have the minutes sent to him earlier.

End Board Business 

Marie Stevenson motion to adjourn.  Kim Koprowski second 7-0 passed

Respectfully submitted

Deb Bayley p/z Clerk