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06/24/2020 PB Minutes


Planning Board

June 24, 2020



6 p.m.

Present: Chairman Johnathan Stevenson, Chris McGrath, Marie Stevenson, Kim Koprowski, Kevin Roy, and Chris Jensen

Excused absence:  Mike Bruno

Alternates: Anthony Rodrigues and Peter Roy


Chairman Stevenson opened the meeting and then read the agenda.

Peter Roy was made an official member for the evening due to Mr. Bruno’s absence.

Minutes from June 17, 2020

Chris McGrath made a motion to accept minutes from June 17, 2020 and Mr. Stevenson second 6-1   Peter Roy abstained It passed

Reconsideration to hire a planning consultant.

Mr. McGrath thanked the board for calling a meeting to reconsider hiring a planning consultant for the Rocks project.  Most of the board was confused on the actual motion from June 17, 2020 ZOOM meeting.

*Mr. McGrath motion to reconsider the hiring of a planning consultant from the June 17, 2020 meeting. And for the planning consultant to stop all work in progress as of June 19,2020 8:00am. Kim Koprowski second

Board discussion

Mr. McGrath said this does not stop the board from hiring a consultant in the future.  The board can not act without an application.  Kim Koprowski agreed with Mr. McGrath.  The board would have done its due diligence before this meeting, if they had known that Mr. Jensen was going to add it to the AGENDA.  She suggested asking other towns what they pay for fees.  Mr. Jensen said that due diligence was done.  Mr. McGrath said yes: but what we did was wrong.  Kim Koprowski believes 1 million percent that the Rocks have hired proper engineers.

*All in Favor to reconsider the hiring of a planning consultant for the current Rocks Project.  6-1 Chris Jensen opposed    passed

Chairman Stevenson said he was confused by the motion last week.  He said there was a motion and a second.  Then the board was off topic and we all got lost.

Kim Koprowski asked if she could ask other towns about how they consider hiring a planning consultant and what other fees may be involved.

Mr. McGrath: we still do not have an application.  Mr. Stevenson said that it should have been discussed during the applicants conceptual.  Some of the board was very confused.  Mr. Jensen: I was not confused.

Kim Koprowski asked about a building at Presential Mountain cabins.  Fire Chief Anderson sent an email about the situation.  The board would like a copy of it.

Cheryl Jensen asked if they were talking about a complaint to DES dated 1-3-20.

The board explained that it was a request from Facebook.  Baker Brook cabins applied for a building permit today and their shoreline permit application was delivered to the Town Hall today.  Mr. Jensen asked if the Planning Board should get involved in the assurance that Baker Brook cabins are what the Planning Board approved.  Mr. Stevenson said that the Planning Board is not the enforcing body.  It is up to the Select Board and Code enforcement officer to check on each phase of the project.

Kim Koprowski motion to adjourn Marie Stevenson second 6-1 Chris McGrath was not able to vote due to the host ending the Zoom meeting before his vote.  passed

Adjourned 6:35


Respectfully submitted by Deb Bayley. Planning and Zoning Clerk.