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09/08/2014 – Minutes

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Bethlehem Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
Bethlehem Selectmen Office
September 8, 2014

Present: Chairperson Laleme, Selectman Blanchard, Selectman Culver, Selectman Fiorentino, Selectman Glavac.

At 6:30 pm Chairperson Laleme opened the meeting.

Andrea Day from The Dufresne Group came before the Board to introduce herself and gave the Board a packet that explains what the Dufresne Group does. Ms. Day said they do a lot of municipal projects.

Fire Chief, Jack Anderson, came before the Board to give an update on the Cruft Building demolition. He said it went very well and was under budget. Mr. Anderson said the job is complete and the grass is growing so he asked the Board if it was ok to release the bond. The Board discussed a complaint from a resident about the long grass at the Cruft Building site (one corner of the property) and at 2323 Main Street. Kevin will be asked to take care of it. Chairperson Laleme moved to release the bond. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 5-0.

Chairperson Laleme discussed a quote for a computer for the fire department. Mr. Anderson explained that he wants that computer to put in the fire station so the fire/ambulance crew will be able to see who has responded to the call. He said it is an option to do this with a smart tv too.

Mr. Anderson said him and Dave Wiley looked at doing a different style roof for the fire station but that option is too expensive. He said the problem with the roof is where it joins the new addition. He will work on getting the bid done but also said he feels the problem will continue and doesn’t want to waste money.

Police Chief, Mike Ho-Sing-Loy, came before the Board to ask for approval from the Board to apply for a highway safety grant (Safe Commute) for $3,931.20. Selectman Blanchard moved to accept and move forward with the highway safety grant. Selectman Glavac seconded. Carried 5-0.

Chairperson Laleme said a citizen has concerns about the firing range on Rt. 116 and asked the Chief if he had designated days and times that they are there. The Chief said they work shifts so it is when they find the time to be able to qualify. He also said they do not use it before 9am or after 9pm and also pointed out the Bethlehem does not have a noise ordinance. Chairperson Laleme said some people are afraid of guns and understands that concern.

Chairperson Laleme said the letter the Board sent to Mr. Ingerson asking him to come in for Site Plan Review for Douglas Drive has gone unanswered. Chairperson Laleme said the options are to do nothing, send 2nd letter, or go to District or Superior Court. Selectman Culver pointed out that the legal budget is gone and there are other legal issues currently. Selectman Blanchard said all of this action is taken on a preposition. He said a business exists on that road now that the Planning Board didn’t think to do anything about. Selectman Blanchard doesn’t think we should spend money on this. Chairperson Laleme said Site Plan Review is supposed to happen before the project starts and said that the Planning Board can vote for regional impact during the Site Plan Review process. Selectman Glavac questioned whether ¼ of a mile road in Bethlehem would cause regional impact. Selectman Fiorentino moved to take no further enforcement action on Douglas Drive Site Plan Review. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 4-1 (Selectman Culver opposed).

The Board discussed the Recreation Parent Liability waiver concerns. Chairperson Laleme said the Board should review the example sent from Primex and decide next week which one to go with. She pointed out that the insurance company suggested that our current one was not specific enough.

The Board followed up on the discussion of whether to put the chlorinator downstairs or not. Chairperson Laleme said Rhienna Miscio contacted Tim Wilson who also reached out to people for direction on this and everyone contacted agreed that it should not be put downstairs in the pump room. Dick Robie said he has always known it shouldn’t be downstairs and said the upstairs shed needs to be fixed to hold the barrels by putting in a concrete pad. The Board decided to hold off on the chlorinator.

Chairperson Laleme said the audit date has been pushed back again because we are still waiting for the MS-61 to be completed. She said Greg Colby will be coming next week to help get that completed.

The Board reviewed a 911 dispatch agency confirmation form that needed to be signed. Chairperson Laleme signed the confirmation.

The Board reviewed a quote to replace the recreation computer. Selectman Culver will call Profile Technologies to discuss it.

The Board discussed a quote from Trombly Plumbing & Heating to add more heating to the Selectmen’s office. There was discussion about whether to put the job out to bid or not and decided that because it was adding on to the existing that was being serviced by Trombly to stay with Trombly. The quote is for $2,500.00. Chairperson Laleme moved to approve the $2,500.00. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board reviewed a propane supply agreement with Franconia Gas. There were two options that the Board discussed; a fixed price option with a price of $1.94/gallon or an area index option which would be the company’s local area index plus .37 cents per gallon. Selectman Glavac moved to sign the fixed rate agreement. Selectman Fiorentino seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board reviewed the minutes from 08/04/14. Chairperson Laleme moved to approve the minutes and adding in NCES operation manager name after obtaining that. Selectman Glavac seconded. Carried 3-0 (Selectmen Culver and Fiorentino abstained).

The Board reviewed the minutes from 08/11/14. Selectman Blanchard moved to approve the minutes as written. Selectman Fiorentino seconded. Carried 4-0 (Selectman Glavac abstained).

The Board reviewed the minutes from 08/25/14. Selectman Blanchard moved to approve the minutes as written. Selectman Glavac seconded. Carried 4-0 (Selectman Fiorentino abstained).

Selectman Blanchard said the Board needs to look into how to make sure everyone can hear them at the meetings. He said someone told him that when watching the meetings on Channel 2 people cannot hear the Board.

It was noted that Frank will be on the agenda next week to discuss the bank proposal.

Rita Farrell said when someone contacts a Board member it should be a written letter so there is a record and said it shouldn’t be done 1 on 1.

Ms. Farrell brought up the Planning Board issue about Mr. Ingerson and said they have already had races at the location and people in Bethlehem are affected by it.

Ms Farrell said she was at the hearing in Lancaster that we paid our attorney to attend and said we shouldn’t have paid Brenda to be there because the judge said he would be sanctioned if interfering with the bankruptcy process. Selectman Culver explained that the judge misunderstood the process and said he was afraid of being sanctioned because of the bankruptcy but our attorney was able to explain to the judge the process and the Town did obtain its order.

Ms. Farrell referred to a discussion at a prior meeting about a fine that Casella received in the state of NY. Chairperson Laleme pointed out that the NY situation has nothing to do with NCES or Bethlehem. There was discussion between Ms. Farrell and Chairperson Laleme about an email that wasn’t read but placed in the public file.

Dick Robie asked Ms. Farrell how she knew there was already races held at the proposed drag strip because he said he has been to the site and there is not a race track there.

At 7:58 Chairperson Laleme moved to go into non-public session per RSA 91-A:3, II (a) personnel & (e) Threatened litigation. Selectman Culver seconded. Chairperson Laleme did roll call with all members agreeing to go into non-public session.

The Board discussed personnel.

Selectman Culver moved to put expense of Amy for helping with the MS-61 out of the Tax Collector’s budget. Selectman Fiorentino seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board discussed a request to reimburse interest. Selectman Blanchard moved to not refund any interest. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board reviewed a tax issue. Selectman Culver moved to not give forgiveness and continue to charge interest and penalty like we do for everyone else. Selectman Blanchard seconded. A letter will be sent saying per RSA we can’t waive this. Carried 5-0.

At 9:08 Chairperson Laleme moved to come out of non-public. Selectman Fiorentino seconded. Carried 5-0.

The Board discussed the moderator budget and said if he has an assistant that expense needs to come out of that budget and cannot go over for the year.

The Board discussed the budget and determined to have a work session next week to discuss the budget.

At 9:08 Chairperson Laleme moved to adjourn. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 5-0.

Respectfully submitted,
April Hibberd
Administrative Assistant