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10/17/2016 – SB Minutes

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Bethlehem Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
Bethlehem Selectmen Office October 17, 2016
Present: Chairman Glavac, Selectman Blanchard, Selectman Ubaldo.

Chairman Glavac opened the meeting at 6:30.

Selectman Blanchard explained that Andy Smith was invited to the Board meeting tonight to discuss the possibility of leasing the Country Club. Selectman Blanchard also explained the Warrant Article about forming a committee to discuss options for the Country Club.

Andy Smith, from Peabody & Smith Realty, came before the Board. He said he hasn’t looked at the operations or financials. He said he looked at whether it was an asset that if sold could it drastically affect the tax income. He said he believes it is sellable but doesn’t have a tremendous value. Mr. Smith said most businesses are sold as a multiplier of income minus expenses x 8 – 10 times for a public golf course and 4x the gross income if you take out the restaurant and pro shop. He said the land has value because it is 100 acres and he looked at a few courses for sale and they ranged from 500,000.00 to 1.8 million. Chairman Glavac said they were more interested in hearing about leasing options. Mr. Smith said it could be leased and could have multiple options for doing that like % of the income or a staggered lease that starts at a low rate so they can make improvements to get it up and running and then lease payment increases over the years. He suggested a golf professional could write a 5 year business plan and develop lease rate based on what the golf professional determines. Chairman Glavac asked how long of a lease term should be considered and was told at least 5 years but shouldn’t go too long so town would have the option to terminate.

Moderator, Mary Lou Krambeer came before the Board to discuss appointing a deputy moderator per RSA 32:15. She said Don Lavoie would like to be the deputy moderator and it would be good to have backup. The Board agreed with this. Ms. Krambeer also discussed with the Board wanting to have more ballot clerks. She said she is expecting a lot of voters in November and would like two but she knows there isn’t money in the budget so would like 1 and said the cost for that would be approx. $90.00. She said she needs someone to give the others breaks and it will shorten the night by opening the absentee ballots during the day. Board is ok with the extra ballot clerk.

Chairman Glavac said legal advice said it is okay to sit down and talk with NCES about the proposed sustainability park and the agreement was not broken. Selectmen Blanchard and Ubaldo agreed. Chairman Glavac said a meeting for public comment will be scheduled and there will be enough time to notice it. Selectman Blanchard said it is important because of the
history. He said the Select Board will not be voting on it and said they can talk to see what benefit it would be but will not enter into agreements because the voters will make the final decisions. He also said he wants to be clear on what we would be voting on and wants the people to know too. Selectman Ubaldo said it is up to the voters and they would just be talking to see what they will be voting on. Chairman Glavac said they will discuss what the details are so the information will be available for the informational meeting. He said they need to ask Casella how they came to their numbers. Selectman Blanchard said the voters would want the Board to get the details. Chairman Glavac moved to hold an informational meeting in 2-3 weeks for public to comment and ask questions and get details about presentation on 09/19/16 and what agreement should include. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Chairman Glavac said they would like to set up a date and discussed the possibility of having it at Profile School. Andrea Bryant asked that when it gets posted to make it clear that the park will only happen if there is an expansion. Selectman Blanchard said it will be clear and detailed. Mrs. Bryant said this is not really about Sustainability Park. Chairman Glavac said to put the link on the website so everyone will have the information. Mrs. Bryant asked if the town should be advertising for Casella Chairman Glavac said we’re doing it in response to Mrs. Bryant’s concern about information being available to town. Kevin Roy said the website talks about the park and the expansion and said all the information is there. Leslie Dreier said there is an agreement from 2012 and asked if the legal opinion was in writing. He said the voters are part of the discussion and should have access to the legal opinion. Chairman Glavac said it is the practice of the Select Board to not waive attorney/client privilege. Carried 3-0.

Chairman Glavac said if we present as it is there will be a lot of unanswered questions. Chairman Glavac moved to begin talks with NCES about the details on the presentation and the details on calculations to present at the public forum meeting. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 3-0. Chairman Glavac said they will talk with the other 2 board members to determine a date for the meeting.

Mrs. Krambeer asked that it not be schedule during election week because there will be 30 people working on Election Day.


Debt Service and TAN: Frank Claffey came before the Board to discuss the proposed budget for Debt Service and TAN. The estimated proposed amount for debt service is 101,202 and 10,000 for TAN. He said the ambulance loan is an estimate because they need to determine the total cost of the ambulance and get the loan. He explained to the Board they can’t use the grant money this year but to put money in unreserved balance and do a warrant article next year to apply that amount towards the loan. Mr. Claffey said the tax bills were mailed out in May so a TAN wasn’t needed but the first week of December he will need $535,000 for school bond and warrant article appropriations so could possibly need a TAN then.

Building Inspection: The salary line was increased from 13,000 to 17,000 and the total budget went from 14,495 to 18,551. Welfare: The lines for overseer of Welfare, SS/Med., and retirement were eliminated because the position was assumed by another employee. The rent line went from 20,000 to 15,000, misc. from 2,200 to 3,000 and lights and fuel each went from 1500 to 1000. The total proposed budget went from 33,851 to 20,000. Visitor Center: Selectman Blanchard said the budget will stay the same at 10,900 and said he is still talking with Littleton about going in under their umbrella. Carol Hammarberg asked if the visitor center could get on the list for paining. Selectman Laleme will be asked to look into that with Sergeant Webster.

The Board reviewed a sign permit application for a sign for the proposed sustainability park. Mr. Roy said the sign was covered and Littleton Sign put proposed at the top of the sign, Chairman Glavac moved to approve the sign. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Chairman Glavac said they reached out to LGC to get advice about advertising for something not in existence and determined our sign ordinance is vague and doesn’t talk about size or what can be on it and we can’t dictate what sign should look like. Selectman Ubaldo asked if there was a distance from public way requirement in the ordinance and was told no. Carried 3-0.

The Board reviewed the audit quotes. Roberts and Greene quoted for 3 years 15,300 for 2016, 15,500 for 2017, and 15,750 for 2018. Vachon Clukay & Company quoted 13,500 for each of the next 3 years. It was explained that Roberts and Green are our current company and an employee with Vachon Clukay was formerly our consultant. Mr. Claffey said he recommends staying with the current auditor but would like to have a deadline on when the audit has to be done by. There was discussion about what that date should be and it was determined to be August 1st to have the audit report by. Chairman Glavac moved to hire Roberts & Greene for next 3 years contingent on report being done by 08/01 every year. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 3-0.

Chairman Glavac asked that LGC be asked if minutes could be approved electronically between meetings.

At 7:30 Chairman Glavac moved to adjourn. Selectman Blanchard seconded. Carried 3-0.

Respectfully submitted, April Hibberd


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