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12/27/2012 – Minutes

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Bethlehem Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
Bethlehem Selectmen Office
December 27, 2012

Present: Chairman Jerry Blanchard, Selectman Martin Glavac, and Selectman Mark Fiorentino.
At 9:07 Chairman Blanchard called the meeting to order.

Chairman Blanchard opens the meeting stating that this is a work session first order is to discuss encumbrances but Chairman Blanchard would like to first discuss the grant from Department of Safety
for the police department to receive one radio with a value of $3,537.84.

Chairman Blanchard motion to accept the new radio in the amount of $3,537.84, seconded by Selectman Fiorentino: Motion to accept new radio passes unanimously.

There is remaining $22,800 to be encumbered for next year. Discussion on why the encumbrance may be a good idea and what happens to the money if the encumbered money is not needed. Chairman Blanchard motions to encumber the amount of $22,800 to protect the town incase the town is required to pay Purvis the remaining balance. Motion seconded by Selectman Fiorentino. Motion passed, all in favor.

Discussed draft letter to Mrs. Halat, in response to her letter, about officially naming and recognizing
Black Brook Road. The state of NH and the 911 system will not allow the change as suggested because it
is too similar to another road, (Brook Rd).

Selectman Mike Culver arrived 9:15.

Selectman Culver said the state however would allow a name change of Black Brook Way or Black Brook Lane. Letter will be rewritten to include this information.

Discussed ordering chairs for the meeting room for deliberative session. Had a quote from Lowes for $9.98 per chair with a delivery fee of $65.00. Selectman Culver feels that the quality of these chairs may
be poor. Also they would like a quote for caddies to keep the chairs in and a quote for renting chairs to
compare the cost of renting vs. buying. Spoke to Fire Chief Jack Anderson to get the occupancy of the meeting room and to figure out how many chairs are needed. Jack believes the occupancy is around
120 chairs.

Discussion on chairs is tabled.

The selectmen than reviewed a letter from Mr. Rodrigues in regards to obtaining trash pickup for Franconia resident Mr. Paul Dunham. They discussed the letter and the location of the property. Tax Collect Mary Jackson was called to determine if Mr. Dunham pays any Bethlehem taxes. He does not.

Jerry makes a motion that we draft a letter to Mr. Rodrigues, saying after further investigation we are denying the request for trash pickup.

Discussion about trash pick up for Mr. Dunham resumes, Jerry strike his motion.

Selectman Culver suggested that we call Casella and talk to Kevin to see if they are willing to pick up. If Kevin says no, than the town will deny the request .The town cannot force Casella to pick up Mr. Dunham trash because he is not a resident of the town and does not pay any taxes to the Town of Bethlehem.

Board reviewed the minutes from 12/10/12 and 12/17/12.

Chairman Blanchard moved to approve the minutes from 12/10/12, Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 4-0.

Chairman Blanchard moved to approve the minutes from 12/17/12, Selectman Fiorentino seconded. Carried 3-0, Selectman Glavac abstains.

The board discussed putting a padlock on the food pantry to keep people out. The Selectmen feel that this is unnecessary, and felt that this should be discussed in non-public.

Discussed approval for Pure Energy Hair Salon sign. Sign is already up, and been to and received approval from planning board and building inspector. Chairman Blanchard signed paperwork approving sign.

The Board looked at Warranty Tax Yield Levy on two properties, there were some questions, Selectman
Fiorentino went to get Tax Collect Mary Jackson.

While waiting for Mrs. Jackson, the board reviewed bills to be paid. Reviewed and signed off on bills
owed to the Village District, Truck Rental , and Storage container. Selectman Glavac will contact Mr.
Robie of the Village District about how to handle bills being mistakenly sent to the Bethlehem Village
District instead of the Town.

Mrs. Jackson explained the Warranty Tax Yield Levy, Chairman Blanchard makes motion to sign Warranty Tax Yield Levy for $1,235.47 payable in 30 days. Selectman Fiorentino seconds, passed unanimously.

Supplemental tax billing is discussed, one error is found on the paper work, it is noted that the document says 2011 when in fact it should say 2012. Chairman Blanchard makes a motion to accept supplemental tax billing to cover bills that were not sent out, with the date change of 2011 to 2012. Selectman Fiorentino seconds , motion passed unanimously. Document is signed by all selectmen present.

Chairman Blanchard moved to enter into non-public per RSA 91A, matters of reputation and personnel.
Selectman Glavac seconds, passes by roll call vote.

Entered non-public at 9:56

Came out of non-public at 10:00

Motion to adjourn meeting by Chairman Blanchard, seconded by Selectman Culver, carried 4-0.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:02

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole McGrath

Clerical Assistant