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04/30/2012 – Minutes

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April 30, 2012

Present: Chairman David Lovejoy, Selectman Mike Culver, Selectman Jerry Blanchard, Selectman Sandy

Chairman Lovejoy opened the Selectmen’s Meeting at 6:32 pm.

The boiler project was discussed. There is $4,176.50 left for this project. Selectman Laleme noted that there will be 7 valves replaced in the library and 1 in the Town Clerk’s Office.

Alan Jackson stated that this is incorrect and that there are 5 valves in the library and 3 in the Town Clerk’s office.

Selectman Blanchard stated that the engineer eluded to the fact that the would help us out.

Selectman Laleme stated that the engineer would probably pay for one valve but that he will not pay for all of them as this is a pre-existing condition.

Selectman Blanchard stated that the pre-existing condition should have been caught while the work was being performed.

Chairman Lovejoy stated that he thought the engineer would pay for one valve and work things out with Trombley.

Chairman Lovejoy read a letter from the Conservation Commission requesting to appoint Alecia Loveless as an alternate to the commission.

Selectman Laleme noted that John Wedick has expressed an interest in serving on this commission.

Selectman Culver asked if the vacancy had been posted and advertised. He added he feels that everyone should be given a chance. Chairman Lovejoy will follow up on this matter.

The Board discussed the lead paint problem in the town building. Selectman Laleme stated that one bid for the walls and ceiling in the front lobby has come in at $4,740. The stairway would cost an additional $2,970. This stairway can’t be blocked off cut can be used as an emergency exist only. The Board members agreed that both areas should be done.

The bidders who had previously bid on this project do not want the responsibility of the lead paint disposal.

Selectman Laleme stated that the money for this work will need to come out of Capital Reserve Fund. Chairman Lovejoy moved to accept the bid for the foyer as well as the stairway. The motion was seconded by Selectman Blanchard and carried 4-0.

Selectman Culver asked if replacing the sills in the Town Building would be cheaper in the long run than scraping and repainting them.

Selectman Laleme noted that there is a bid in the amount of $1,235.77 to repair the leak in the fire department roof.

Selectman Culver asked if this could be handled through an insurance claim. Selectman Laleme will check with the insurance company.

Chairman Lovejoy moved to accept the bid for repairing the fire station roof. The motion was seconded by Selectman Laleme and carried 4-0.

Selectman Laleme stated that a contractor had been in contact regarding the Dederick property on Cherry Valley Road. Dianne had said that he was told previously that he had permission to tear this property down.

Selectman Laleme stated this property has probably been foreclosed on.

The pool project was discussed. It was noted that the pool is insured for five million dollars. A diving board installed in the pool only brings the coverage to $175,000.

Selectman Culver stated that he does not believe the town should have diving boards in the pool. Chairman Lovejoy stated that he is very much against diving boards.

Dick Robie stated that he is not aware of anyone ever getting hurt on the diving boards in the Bethlehem pool. He added that the pool committee needed to get moving on this project. He feels that they have been held back and are getting nowhere. He stated that there is a Pool Committee meeting this Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm and he would like to see all of the Selectmen there.

Selectman Culver stated that if more than three members of the Selectboard are there it would have to be posted as a meeting.

Selectman Lalame stated that the information for the permit application has been submitted and that nothing should be started until the permit has been issued. She thought that this also included any work done to the bathhouse.

Someone from the pool committee has called the state and it is their understanding that they can start on the bathhouse before getting the actual permit.

Selectman Laleme stated that she has not received any quotes or requests to purchase materials. She said that she feels everything should wait until the permit is official.

Dick Robie stated that he feels that they could be working on the bathhouse and could have been working on it for the last month.

Dick Robie stated that a t-valve was broken but that he was told no when he wanted to order a replacement valve.

Building Inspector Stan Borkowski has asked to be consulted before any work is done to the pool.

Mr. Robie stated that all of the volunteers have to be brought together with estimates for the work needed. He added that there is a local plumber, volunteers to do the roofing and no one can get anything done.

Selectman Culver asked what happens if we spend the $60,000 and then the State does not approve the permit.

Mr. Robie stated that this would not prevent the work from being done and that there are several ways to go about this.

Chairman Lovejoy suggested that they get permission from Stan Borkowski to state work on the bathhouse. The pool work can be started after the State has approved the permit. A meeting with Stan should take place so that these concerns can be addressed.

Selectman Laleme asked what the procedure should be for bills for the pool. Will they need to come to the board for approval, if so, who will sign off on these bills.