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06/07/2012 – Minutes

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June 7, 2012

Present: Selectman Mike Culver, Chairman David Lovejoy, Selectman Sandy Laleme, Selectman Jerry

Selectman Mike Culver opened the Selectmen’s Meeting at 6:35 pm as Chairman Lovejoy was delayed.

Chief Ho-sing-loy gave a brief presentation of the Dog Ordinance. He explained that the Town had
previously adopted the state statute back in 2002. Chief Ho-sing-loy is looking for the Board to formally
adopt this ordinance so that they can be enforced. The Board reviewed the packet which Chief Ho-sing-loy had provided.

Selectman Laleme stated that her concern is to make sure that the Town does everything possible to prevent a dog from being euthanized. If a dog is picked up Selectman Laleme would like to see it go to a
no kill animal shelter.

Selectman Laleme moved to accept the dog Ordinance as presented. The motion was seconded by Selectman Blanchard and carried 4-0.

Chairman Lovejoy signed a letter to the State Municipal Agent Director advising them of Claudia Brown’s
resignation as Town Clerk.

The board signed a letter of commendation for Dianne Lambert recognizing her hard work for the last
couple of months while Claudia has been out.

Lori Raichle and Carol Kerivan were in to see the Board about a free summer lunch program they are
establishing for local children. The volunteers would like to provide one free lunch per week during the
summer months. Ms. Raichle stated that there is a definite need for this program as there are kids who
are going hungry. The plan is to hand out bagged lunches at the Bethlehem basketball courts to any child who would like to participate.

Selectman Laleme moved to allow the participants the use of the basket ball courts for this project. The
motion was seconded by Selectman Culver and carried 4-0.

Chairman Lovejoy authorized an amendment to The White Mountain School Project #EECBG #217. The
amendments to the project will allow an extension of the work until Jun3 30th and also an increase to
the project of $2,513 to allow an increase of the vestibule landing for safety purposes.

Chairman Lovejoy stated that the Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust are no longer interested in holding
the conservation easement to the property on Route #116 as the Town will no longer be using the site
for their transfer station.

The Board reviewed a memo from Clare Brown giving an update on the work to the pool. In addition to
the update were estimates for materials which will be needed to get the pool work started. It was
noted that the material from Lowes will be charged to the account of Jason Doyle but paid directly by
the Town of Bethlehem to Lowe’s. The Town does not currently have an account with Lowes but there will be a notation on the invoice referencing the town pool.

Selectman Laleme approved of the estimated submitted by the pool committee. The motion was seconded by Selectman Culver and carried 4-0.

Recreation Director had submitted a quote for software for the recreation department. The Board will
discuss this with Tara and get more information.

The Board reviewed a contract from Unifirst for uniforms for the Highway Department. The Board is
concerned as this is a five-year contract with no cancellation clause built into it. The Board agreed that there should be a 30-day cancellation clause built into the contract in case the money is not
appropriated each year for uniforms. They would also like to see a two year contract as opposed to a
five-year contract.

The Board agreed to issue the checks for all of the gazebo concert bands. There had been a concern
that paying them all now would affect the cash flow but Treasurer Frank Claffey stated that these checks
can be processed now.

Representative Rusty Bullis was in to inform the Board of the new redistricting. He noted that the
results of the census put this change into affect. The redistricting is done so that there is equal
representation for the voters. Bethlehem will now be included with Littleton in District 2. Franconia,
Sugar Hill, Lisbon, Lyman and Monroe will be included in one District.

Selectman Laleme stated that the State has to stop balancing their budget on the backs on the towns.
She stated that what the State had done with the Retirement was deplorable.

Representative Bullis stated that the State had to cut $1 billion off their budget this year. He added that the retirement increases were bound to happen.

Selectman Laleme told the Board she had spoken with Christine Fillmore of LGC regarding the Road Maintenance Capital Reserve Fund. She added that it is a grey area but that in her conversation with Ms. Fillmore, it could be said that the parking lot is the access to the safety complex, consisting of the
fire department and police department. Looking at the parking lot as the access road to the fire and
police, the capital reserve funds could be used to pave the access.

Selectman Blanchard stated that he is concerned that using the funds from Road Maintenance would leave the fund short if thereare roads in town which need immediate workand are areas where safety and welfare are a concern.

Selectman Laleme moved to use the funds from the Highway Department Pavement line to get the paving done and replace with Capital Reserve Road Maintenance if the Road Agent needs these funds to get the roadwork done which he has planned for this summer. The motion was seconded by Chairman Lovejoy and carried 4-0.

The Board agreed to get ads out for a clerical assistant to the Administrative Assistant at 30-32 hours per week and a part-time welfare administrator at 0-15 hours per week.

Selectman Laleme noted that she has followed up on the AED units. She stated that the 300 Club is
purchasing the unit for the Country Club. Fire Chief Jack Anderson will take the money from his budget
to purchase a unit for the Town Building. A unit will be purchased for the Highway Department from
that budget. Chief Anderson has given Laura Morse the ok to give the training on using these units.
She will be paid her hourly firemen’s pay for giving the training.

Selectman Blanchard stated that he had spoken to Dave Pilotte about the equipment which he had
gotten prices on. The Board will explore options for payment hopefully with lesser interest rate.

The Board will get an ad out asking for interested parties to come in and speak with the board members regarding Chairman Lovejoy’s position on the Board. The ad will probably be out the end of the month.

The Avitar bid was discussed again. Selectman Laleme suggested having a representative from Avitar
and a representative from Visions in to talk to the Board. The Board has been told by DRA that the Vision software is not being used to its full potential.

Selectman Blanchard moved to accept the minutes of May 31, 2012 as amended. The motion was seconded by Selectman Laleme and carried 4-0.

The Board entered into non-public session at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Sargent, Administrative Assistant