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06/21/2012 – Minutes

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JUNE 21, 2012

Present: Selectman Mike Culver, Selectman Mark Fiorentino, Chairman David Lovejoy, Selectman Sandy Laleme, Selectman Jerry Blanchard



Vice Chairman Culver opened the public hearing at 6:30 pm. Brandan Zagst presented a check to the Selectmen in the amount of $10,109.30 for pool renovations. The check will be placed into a trust to be used for renovations to the pool. Phil Bell and Dick Robie thanked everyone for making the pool fundraiser such a great success. It was noted that to date, the pool committee has spent approximately $5,000 of their budgeted amount. Most of the work is being done by volunteers.

Selectman Blanchard voted to accept the donation of $10,109.30 to be placed in a trust to be used for pool renovations. The motion was seconded by Chairman Lovejoy and carried 5-0.

Vice Chairman Mike culver closed the Public hearing.

Josephine Belville and David Cornell met with the Selectmen to go over inadequacies in the assessing program. Ms. Belville stated that the letter received from Purvis & Associates in May did not address the problems which were found in the assessing practices done in Bethlehem. She went on to say that the 2011 work done by Purvis failed in a number of aspects. There was much data which was not entered correctly. This data must be entered into the system correctly.

Selectman Laleme stated that she had been told that all of the information had been entered into the computer.

Ms. Belville noted that the reports cannot be run correctly because the tables and analysis reports are not correct at this time. She added that every five years current market values need to be put into the system. DRA is requesting that a new revaluation and tables be completed and a new report be run. If this is not done the Town may be ordered to go before the Board of Land and Tax Appeals for action.

DRA would like to see a Performance Standard Handbook from Purvis & Associates. The letter from Fred Smith did not hit on any of the problems found with the updates.

At this point Fred Smith came in. He told the Board that he feels the problems are with the Vision program.

Mr. Cornell stated that the assessments should be fair and equitable. This should be the goal and right now it is hard to say whether this is the case.

Ms. Belville stated that there are assessment cards which have no re-visit information on them and these need to be updated.

Selectman Laleme noted that Dianne Lambert had told her that all of the changes had been put into the computer.

Ms. Belville stated that depreciation factors need to be added. There are cards which have not been updated for several years. She added that DRA can come up and run a report.

Mr. Smith stated that the only changed made by Dianne are names changes, addresses and
new sales.

It was noted that 26% of the town properties have depreciation. In any case, the reval report
needs to be reentered and run again.

Mr. Smith stated that he will start this work next week. If there are no revisit notes on the assessment cards a revisit will be made. He will have to check to see if there are any cards older than 2007. Mr. Smith is not sure where the 2006 assessment cards are.

It was noted that the five-year cyclical period was up in 2011 and the values anew for 2011 were not achieved. Now that 2011 is finished the values anew have to be entered into the
computer so that the 2012 values anew can be analyzed.

Selectman Laleme stated that the Board will send a letter to Purvis & Associates outlining what the Board expects to be done to rectify the situation and correct the inadequacies. Ms. Belville asked that she review the letter before it goes out. A copy of the draft letter will be sent to DRA.

Mr. Smith stated that it was his understanding that he must run the reval report again with the updated data.

The Board agreed that this should be completed no later than September 1st including the hearing with the property ownerswhose values will be changing.

Recreation director Tara Bailey was in to answer questions from the Board regarding a quote she had submitted for computer software. She noted that it was a point of sales software package. Using this software Tara would continue to do the billing but the payment program would be outsourced and parents would be able to pay online.

Selectman Culver stated that he would like to talk with the company as he has some questions.
He will contact them and get back to the Board with further information.

Road Agent Brett Jackson told the Board that his uniform contract with Unifirst is up in early February. He would like to go with another vender which would save him some money. The Board asked Brett to see how much it would cost to get out of the contract with Unifirst. Brett will get back to the Board with this information.

The Board discussed the Counselor in Training Program. April Hibberd told the Board she had contacted LGC and the Labor Board. She was told that the youths in the program have to be treated as employees even if they are being paid a stipend. The Board agreed to pay the withholding taxes this year and make sure that enough is budgeted next year to take care of this.

Selectman Laleme noted that April is having difficulty getting the new hire information needed before someone can start work. There are several instances where this documentation has not been handed in. The Board directed April to send a memo to department heads advising them that until all necessary paperwork has been submitted, that particular employee will not be able to work.

The Department Heads and Selectmen will be able to get their email addresses onto the webpage at no cost. Selectman Fiorentino moved to ask Joe to set these up. The motion was seconded by Selectman Laleme and carried 5-0.

Selectman Laleme requested that the Selectmen’s Meeting go back to Monday nights starting in July. The Board agreed to go back to Monday.

After some discussion, the board agreed to give the Interim Tax Collector/Town Clerk the monthly salary even though it was not quite an entire month worked. This was in a form of a motion by Selectman Fiorentino, seconded by Selectman Laleme and carried 5-0.

Kevin Roy noted that two trash totes had been left at the gazebo. He also added that the swap shop is being revamped.

Selectman Laleme noted that the AED’s have been ordered.

Respectfully submitted, Cheryl Sargent, Administrative Assistant