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07/09/2012 – Minutes

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JULY 9, 2012

Present: Selectman Jerry Blanchard, Selectman Sandy Laleme, Selectman mark Fiorentino

Selectman Blanchard opened the Selectmen’s Meeting at 6:30 pm

It was announced that Mike and Allie Culver are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Cheryl Jensen stated that she was in to see the Board for some guidance regarding the Town Forest. The
subject property is located in the Village District. In 2006 an attorney recommended that a recreational
easement be obtained for the property and this was never done. It was then recommended that a conservation easement be drawn up but it was felt that it was too formal. Cheryl suggested that a gentlemen’s with the Bethlehem Village District to construct a trail. Any extra money from logging after
expenses are paid would go to the Bethlehem Village District agreed to in a memo of understanding. The easement would be held by the Bethlehem Village District in the deed.

Ms. Jensen added that in 1998 there were three parcels voted by warrant article to be part of the Town

Selectman Laleme stated that she had looked into the owner unknown lot and was told that a tax bill
has to be sent for 3 years even though the owner is unknown. After three years it can be deeded to the
Town. It will have to be documented that the Town has attempted to collect taxes.

Ms. Jensen asked if she could continue working on this plan. Selectman Blanchard stated that she could.
Selectman Laleme agreed.

Selectman Blanchard asked if this project would involve clear cutting and was told it would not, just the
trees which are diseased.

The Selectmen had set aside this time to conduct interviews with persons interested in completing the
Selectmen’s position vacated by David Lovejoy’s resignation.

Martin Glavic stated that he had moved to Bethlehem five years ago in November. He added that he loves Bethlehem and feels that the Town has a lot to offer. He likes the way small town are run and would like to see this form of government continue.

Selectman Fiorentino asked how much time he would have to commit to this position. Martin said he would be available 5 to 10 hours a week.

Selectman Laleme asked what kind of experience he has and was told that his experience is business related.

Selectman Laleme asked Martin if there are any conflicts that he might have and was told no.

Selectman Blanchard noted that they will wait for the full Board to be present to make a decision.

The Board went over the material in the correspondence folder.

The Board is in receipt of a demolition permit for the Maplehurst. Lead paint has been cleared on the
recreation building. Selectmen Blanchard signed the demo permit.

The Board reviewed recent bills for the pool for concrete and mesh for the kiddie pool.

The Board reviewed a bill for the wetlands mediation.

The pool committee submitted some bills for approval and asked for approval to spend up to 747.oo on
a water heater. They also requested that a town employee with a town vehicle be available to pick it up
and be paid for with a Town of Bethlehem credit card. Selectman Laleme moved to have Brett pick up
the heater and use the executive credit card for this purchase. The motion was seconded by Selectman
Fiorentino and carried 3-0. The Board approved the concrete bills for the pool.

The Board reviewed correspondence regarding the restoration site and the final monitoring report.
Selectman Blanchard signed the final bill.

Martin Glavic’s letter was read.

The Board reviewed a letter from Clare Brown concerning poison ivy at the pool.

Selectman Laleme suggested that Dave Pilotte spray the poison ivy. She asked the Board members who
should be charged for this. Selectman Blanchard will ask Dave Pilotte to spray.

The Board reviewed a letter from Stan Borkowski to David Gagnon. This applicant has been denied a
building permit until the property has been cleaned up.

Selectman Blanchard talked to Fire Chief Jack Anderson regarding the condition of the Cedarcroft building. The Board agreed that there is not much they can do about this situation unless it becomes a
health hazard.

Selectman Laleme moved to accept the minutes of June 21 and June 28 as presented. The motion was
seconded by Selectman Fiorentino and carried 3-0.

Selectman Laleme stated that she had checked with LGC regarding e-mail confidentiality. She would like
to borrow an overhead projector so that the staff can watch a presentation.

Selectman Laleme also stated that a call to Visions informed her that there were only four tech calls
since October of last year and there were no calls about problems merging with BMSI. It would cost
approximately $1000 for visions to come up for training and tech assistance. Visions were not aware the Town was having problems and assured us that they can fix the issues. If this can be done there would
be no need to spend $14,000 for the Avitar program.

Selectman Fiorentino stated it was his opinion that the assessor does not know how to use the Vision
program to its full potential. He added that Purvis should foot the bill for the additional Visions training and technical assistance.

Selectman Laleme noted that Fred Smith had commented that he does not trust the system and that
it was too much for what the Town needed. Selectman Laleme noted that Littleton uses Visions and BMSI
and they do not have trouble merging their systems.

Selectman Fiorentino stated that it might be worth exploring out sourcing the assessing.

Selectman Laleme reminded the Board members that we have a contract with Purvis and we have given
them a timeline to respond to the Board’s recent letter.

Selectman Laleme moved to expend money to training and bill Purvis to recoup the Town’s expense.
The motion was seconded by Selectman Blanchard and carried 3-0.

Selectman Blanchard moved to enter into non-public session.

Respectfully submitted,

April Hibberd, Administrative Assistant