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01/13/2021 PB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574


Planning Board

January 13, 2021



6 p.m.


Town Hall:  Chairman Johnathan Stevenson, Chris McGrath, and Kevin Roy, and

alternates: Peter Roy and Anthony Rodrigues

Remote: Mike Bruno and Kim Koprowski

Excused absence: Marie Stevenson and Chris Jensen


Mr. Stevenson opened the meeting at 6:00

Mr. Stevenson asked Anthony Rodrigues and Peter Roy to become board members for the evening.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes from December 2, 2020.

Chris McGrath motion to accept the December 2, 2020 minutes.  Peter Roy second 5-0 passed

Open: The Rocks Site Plan Review (stone barn renovation)

Chris McGrath motion to accept the abutters and the checklist as complete. Anthony Rodrigues second.  5-0 passed.

No board or public comment.

Architects SAMYN – D’ELIA presented the project to the board.  Amelia Brock told the board that Nigel, Will Abbott and Chris Solomon would also be joining the Zoom hearing.  She explained the renovation project of the stone barn, it will now be known as the New Northern Education Center.  There will be new roof with no changes to the height.  The end portion of the building will become an open pavilion. The building will consist of office space, small retail shop, bathrooms, and classrooms. The entry to the parking will be behind the barn.  The parking lot entrance will be widened to 22 feet, with two entrances, that will accommodate approximately 100 spaces.  The septic has been approved already it will accommodate approximately 1200 people.  There will be a solar array that will feed into the new transformer.

Mr. McGrath asked the height of the building.  Amelia Brock:  28 feet.  Kim Koprowski asked if there was a plan to pave the driveway.  Amelia Brock: there are no plans to pave, only ledge pack.  Mr. McGrath asked about lighting.  He reminded the applicate about the dark sky ordinance that Bethlehem has.  She assured the board that all downward lighting would be installed. Mr. Solomon: It will not be a beacon that you can see from 93. Mr. McGrath asked was size will the solar array be.  Amelia Brock:  approximately one-half acre. Kim Koprowski asked about the area where the barn burnt. Chris Solomon: It will be landscaped into a garden.

Stephanie Manners from Maple Street expressed her excitement with the project.  David Wright from South Road agreed that it sounded great.


Mr. McGrath motion to approve the Site Plan for the Rocks Stone barn renovation. Kim Koprowski second. 5-0 passed.  

Closed public hearing for the Rocks stone-barn renovation.


Board business

Mr. McGrath said he would not be seeking reelection to the Planning Board.  He has enjoyed his two terms but would like to move on to more exciting adventures.  The board asked about the budget hearing.  The Select Board scheduled the hearing online only for January 18, 2021.


Kevin Roy, Mike Bruno and Kim Koprowski attended a webinar for short term rentals.  All agree that it was extremely informative.  Kevin Roy:  anyone can buy a house and rent it out to 20 plus people, that should only be accommodating a family of 4.  There is no information on the owner or how to get ahold of them.  Public safety, and quality of life should be addressed when renting out your property.  This is a common problem occurring all over.  Codes can be put in place for accountability.

Kevin Roy motion to adjourn. Johnny Stevenson second 5-0 passed


Respectfully submitted.

Deb Bayley P/Z Clerk