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04/28/2022 CC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Conservation Commission Meeting

April 28, 2022

6:00 pm

Bethlehem Public Library

Draft Minutes

Members Present: Lindsay Webb, Margaret Gale, Vivian Winterhoff, Cheryl Jensen, Veronica Morris (SB, Ex-Officio)

Public Present: Andre Aoun, Barry Zitser, Allegra Wright

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 by Chair.

Public comment:

Andre – It’s really exciting to see the littering initiative keeping momentum, excited for upcoming cleanup & getting his t-shirt.

Roadside Cleanup: Tasks for upcoming cleanup were reviewed.

  • Gazebo is approved for use.
  • Cheryl is coordinating with BES for their portion.
  • Profile: Nancy Bartlett has been advised and enthusiastic per Margaret.
  • White Mountain School: Andre & Margaret will reach out to the school.
  • Lindsay has coordinated with Kevin Roy and there will be a dumpster at NCES set aside. The trash transporters will need to be informed.
  • The Road Agent, Police Chief, and Fire Chief have been informed.
  • Logistics of the day were discussed – dividing between shirts/bags/gloves and map & road assignments.
  • Vivian will do some advanced road survey.
  • Trash bag pickup volunteers – Lindsay will contact volunteers from last year. Veronica will do a late sweep at about 2:30pm to pick up any remaining bags.
  • Trash collectors will be asked to pick up between 10am and noon.
  • If Inclement weather – will post to Facebook, Margaret will attend the Gazebo to wave off people.

Legislative Update: HB1406 (to allow towns to collect compost) – inexpedient to legislate

Adopt a Road/Adopt a Spot: Paperwork has been streamlined, but is still being looked at by Town Attorney. The goal is to have it through legal review and available for use by the Roadside Cleanup.

Lindsay has been in contact with Brett about trying to coordinate between mowing and trash pickup so that volunteers can be notified and try to clean up trash in advance of major mowing action. If notified in advance of mowing, additional publicity may allow for other volunteers to collect roadside trash before mowing.

Past Minutes:

March 24, 2022 meeting minutes, motion to accept minutes by Cheryl, Second by Margaret. Passed unanimously.

April 9, 2022 meeting minutes: Page 2, BCC Letter to DES, change to “According to the biologist working on the Northern Pass” Page 1, under Winterhoff, add “as she has not yet been sworn in” – motion to accept minutes with correction by Cheryl, Second by Margaret, Passed unanimously, Winterhoff abstained.

Treasurer’s Report: The correction has been made for the t-shirts. The $941 has been added back into our town account. We have $1,020 in the town account out of an original appropriation of $1270. That same $941 has been deducted from the savings account: $15,134.65 as of March 31, 2022.

Veronica let Margaret know about the change in the sweep accounts as announced at the Selectboard meeting on Monday, in the event that it impacts the Conservation commission accounts. Margaret will follow up with Frank to confirm.

Publicity/Information Sign: Lindsay presented the BCC sign. Reimbursement was requested in the amount of $34.98. Motion to reimburse by Cheryl, second by Margaret.

Mail: The mail list was reviewed.

Zealand Road by WMNF is to reconnect existing wetlands that were disconnected. That seems like a positive change. The Conservation Commission does not plan to provide comments.

Adair Project: Conservation Commission letter was submitted. Received a response from DES as well as new correspondence today (4/28) from David Reynolds (DES). They are working on gathering more details from the Division of Forestry and Lands, DES compliance, Fish and Game, as well as the Division of Ground and Drinking Water about the aquifer. DES indicated that they will be sending a request for additional information.

Questions were raised about the wetlands setbacks, and whether Bethlehem has specific setbacks. Upon review, the Bethlehem setbacks are part of the Excavation Regulations (starting on page 64 of Town Ordinance Document). Lindsay will relay this information to DES.

The Conservation Commission’s letter was sent to both the Planning Board email and to the Chair, Mike Bruno.  BCC did request that the comments be forwarded onto Tara Bamford (the Planning Board’s professional consultant).

Town Forest Liability Form: Veronica updated the status of the form and requirements (still working on it). However, because there is no procedure or policy governing the use of the forest, there is no constraint on the use of the property at this time.

Membership Items:

Lindsay confirmed that Vivian is now a full member.

Discussion about sending minutes to the Town in absence of Nicole’s membership – Lindsay will email approved minutes to Nicole.

With the loss of Nicole, we do not have a Secretary at present. With the loss of Marilyn, there is also no representative on the Bretzfelder Committee.

Recruitment is ongoing.

New Business:

Margaret suggested that the Town Forest be named in honor of Tanya Tellman and Marilyn Johnson.  This will be added to the May Agenda.

Cheryl suggested that there be a discussion and update on the Ten Towns Toolkit. She will circulate a link to the information in advance of the meeting. This will be on the May Agenda.

Motion to adjourn at 7:56 pm by Lindsay, Second by Margaret. Unanimously approved.