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06/17/2020 TSC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

June 17, 2020                                                                                                            Andrea Bryant, recording

Transfer Station committee.  Via Zoom meeting

Present:  Barry Zitser, Nancy Strand, Andrea Bryant, Julie Seely,

Guest Pablo Perez (on plasma processing waste) and Derrrick Carruthers from NCC

Barry introduced Pablo who is the process engineering manager for ENTEC.   They have an agreement with waste management for plasma arche plant in Arlington, Oregon.    Planning to reinstate plant to handle hazardous and medical waste.  Energy intensive process that can be used  for solid waste but have to have a lot of solid waste.

Barry said, It isn’t a process that Bethlehem can facilitate but maybe some place for a regional solution to trash.   Mr. Perez:  EnTec Plasma Enhanced Melter technology is based In Richmond, Washington State. They own the patent for the process. Founded in 1995

Plant in Oregon was a commercial demonstration to prove it could process MSW  and material recycle rejected.  As well as carpet, food plastic films.   After 2 years shut down after successfully showing they could do it.  The biproduct is syngas.

PEM advantages : reduces handling and disposal costs of biomass,   creates energy and fuels production with lower carbon footprint, robust, scalable technology capable of processing any waste material, near 100% recycle of waste into reusable energy and industrial products. The biproduct can be made into different gases.

Tar and oil are a biproduct. The amount depends on temperature.   To lessen amount of tar and oil they use downdraft gasification and plasma assisted gasification. Integrated gasifier. Lower cost technology for most of the waste than the plasma processes the waste to make it the cleanest gas left.

There are different things that can be done with singas.   Left over biproduct looks like obsidian. (black and glassy)   can be used for roads, flexible, has some value.  Gasifier Process first stage / 2nd plasma enhanced melter (1400 C)  /3rd TRC  Thermal        Feed handling:  get inorganic materials out cause don’t have end value. This technology produces the cleanest raw syngas possible.  There is a waste water that is a brine solution.         No air emissions from the PEM gasifier .   Cleaner than incinerator  / clean technology.

Barry mentioned the June 15 working session with SB.   Barry concerned that SB might not be publishing report.  He wonders if the SB will let us work with Conservation Commission.

Julie gave an update on stage VI.  She spoke with Jamie Colby today and DES still  has not even deemed the application as complete .

Last meeting Minutes:  Wait to review minutes when Katherine will be here since she wrote them.

Barry other business:   Free signs with NH the Beautiful.  Need to be in by ??October.  Nancy thinks the signs we will definitely need directional signs.

Nancy would like to sign up for NRRA webinar.

Possible meeting date  Tuesday July 21