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06/29/2021 BC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Cares Committee Work


Present: Chris Jensen, April Hibberd, Tina Lister, Alison Caruso, Christine Kelly, Carol Johnson-Haywood

Next meeting: August 3 at 9:30

Public Meeting Discussion Points:

Minutes from 5/13/21 were accepted.

Status of donations was reviewed. (roughly $2500)


Thank-you letters are up to date. Data has been entered into the template.


Christine suggested locking the donor and client spreadsheets with a password. Alison will make sure that is done.


It was agreed to review client applications at the meetings as opposed to sending applications through email.


Meeting moved to non-public:



#1 application –  is “on his feet” and doing well.


April has communicated with applicant #2. This client is following through with CAP and will contact April if she needs further assistance.


Applicant #4 continues to struggle with getting back on her feet with self-sufficiency after recent medical issues. It was agreed unanimously to pay one more car payment, with the reminder that this would be the last payment BC can cover.


Application #5 was reviewed. Chris will look into possible VA benefits. It was unanimously agreed to cover requested costs contingent upon the VA not being able to assist.


Actions to be taken:


  • Alison will lock data spreadsheets with a password and inform committee members of the new password.
  • Any and all committee members are invited to research the possibility of The American Rescue Plan monies if time and interest allows.
  • Chris will follow through with VA research for Application #5.
  • Chris will look into Just Be Caring tee shirts through the town.



A few possible fundraising ideas were brought up as possibilities:

Just Be Caring tee shirts through the town

Other merchandise avenues (i.e. Bonfire, and one April recently used)

Granting possibilities (perhaps using accessibility through Plymouth State’s access (Christine has more information about).


A quorum of the committee was present to vote on decisions.