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07/26/2021 SB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

July 26, 2021


In person – Chairman Boisseau, Selectman Hibberd, Selectman Caplain, Selectman Moore, Selectman Jensen

Chairman Boisseau opened the meeting at 6:01pm and reminded people to leave their microphones on mute.  He continued to remind in person participants to use the microphone so Zoom participants can hear


Public Input

Rita Farrell – congratulated selectman Hibberd on her election win. Ms. Farrell spoke on the opposition to the proposed landfill in Dalton and her support in opposing the proposed landfill.

Sue Schott – Maple street – first time at meeting – Ms. Schott brought concerns to the board regarding parking on Main Street, noise issues from Rek-Lis, and cleaning up after dogs. The board discussed her concerns.

Chairman Boisseau – welcomed selectman Hibberd to the board after 10 years as the admin and he is very grateful for the knowledge base brought to board.

Erin Hennessey – state senator – checking in on ARPA questions – the senator spoke on $4.2 million in state funds slated to add electric vehicle charging station throughout the state.  The board discussed the project with senator Hennessey and where the stations would be roughly located and who makes the decisions on where to locate the stations. Selectman Caplain inquired about funding for solar projects and the senator stated she will look into it for him. The senator emphasized that the board should also look to the state when planning projects using the ARPA funds as there may be matching funding available from multiple sources.


Chairman Boisseau – Pinewood Apartments signage – legal counsel has been talked to – sign ordinance is not enforceable due to first amendment laws in US – town could face lawsuits if the town enforces and removes signs. Margaret Gale – several years ago Meadowstone Farm wanted to put sign up on land they owned on 302 and because 302 is scenic road it would not be a good spot for sign and wasn’t allowed. How can it be appropriate for current signs to be up? Selectman Moore – 302 is a scenic byway, Scenic Byways commission has no authority over roads. Rita Farrell – state needs to get involved – possibly Attorney general – sign encourages violence. Selectman Moore asked if DOT was approached on issue? She volunteered to call DOT and apprise of situation. Chairman Boisseau will reach out to attorney general office to explore avenues.

Sand bids – Brett Jackson – 2 bids – doesn’t believe first bid could fulfill 2000 yards – recommends A&B excavating and have them haul it $26,000 if highway garage hauls, $27,000 if A&B haul – clean washed sand – quicker to have A&B haul

Selectman Hibberd – makes a motion to award sand bid to A&B – Selectman Caplain second – roll call – all – motion passed.


DOT Bridge Painting project – route 93 bridge painting project – Jerry Zoller – shared screen – bundle 8 – 3 bridges – south to north – exit 39, West Farm Rd, exit 40 – lead paint on bridges – airtight sealed enclosures contain old paint – blast old paint off with grit and contains grit to recycle grit and separate lead paint for disposal – Jerry explained all of the bridges and methods for repainting overpasses for the 3 sites and opened the floor to questions from the board.

Chairman Boisseau – lots of bridge projects in the past –detours – prefer use of 93 on both needed detours – would like to stay off of route 18 to keep away from school and residential areas.

Selectman Jensen – when is work expected to begin and for how long? Jerry Zoller – 2022 – 8-10 weeks per site to complete work – exit 40 – 10 weeks range. Closing both ramps at exit 40 will be in 2-3 week range. Signature needed on paperwork that states DOT is in charge of traffic control during project.

Jack Anderson – fire chief – raised concerns about timeline of projects. Current project on 302 has been taking all summer due to lack of available materials. Jerry Zoller – painting projects don’t have to wait for parts, materials are readily available.

Jerry Zoller – thanked board for their time and will pass along information for the district 1 engineers for questions on signage issue previously spoken about.



Historical Markers

Selectman Moore – Paul Greenlaw and Clare Brown have been working on replacing historical markers in town.  There is concern that after the markers are placed, a property could be sold and the markers are taken down. Selectman Moore contacted NHMA and they suggested an easement so that the markers would be protected. The board discussed options.  Selectman Moore will be reaching out to properties to see how many would be agreeable to an easement.

Mike Bruno – congrats April – North Country Historical Byways are looking for projects – awards for different projects – $1000 for each award – heritage society can apply for next year’s awards – Mr. Bruno can help get application to correct person.

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Chairman Boisseau– consideration and adoption of hazard mitigation plan. Jack Anderson – combined effort between the board and department heads. The plan is needed to be awarded funds after natural disasters in town. It was a 50/50 grant to pay for project. Our participation is our contribution and we have met contribution. Town will be reimbursed by state.  Plan is updated every 5 years.

Selectman Jensen – motion to adopt plan – Selectman Hibberd seconded – roll call – all – motion passed.


Select Board Roles – Chairman Boisseau – new board – kept liaison roles the same during pandemic as well as chair and vice chair roles. Moving forward would like to change it up.

Selectman Moore nominates Chairman Boisseau as chair – Selectman Caplain seconded – roll call – all – motion passed

Chairman Boisseau nominates Selectman Caplain as vice chair – Selectman Moore seconded – roll call – all – motion passed.

The board discussed liaison roles for the upcoming year.  See attached list.


Abatement – Map 416-12-4 – overpayment as parcel was taken out of current use in error


Selectman Moore moved to approve abatement – Selectman Hibberd second – roll call – all – motion passed.


Abatement –401-033-003  – non existent parcel $9.23

Selectman Caplain – motion to approve abatement – Selectman Hibberd second – roll call – all


Refund request – Map 204-051 – double payment issues during closing costs – $2,072.70

Selectman Caplain – motion to refund – Selectman Hibberd second – roll call – all – motion passed.



Selectman Jensen – USDA approved $30k grant for marketing.

Selectman Hibberd – meeting schedule? – every other week or every week. Chairman Boisseau – every other week right now until we get into budget season.

Selectman Caplain – Bent Fork Farm –Selectman Caplain – drafted MOU and sent to legal, approved by legal, sent to farm – Energy Commission – getting RFP’s out on solar project – back to board end of Sept – Bike advocacy – League of American Bicyclists – bike preferred communities – Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Evaluation and Planning, Equity diversity and inclusion – Selectman Caplain – speaking with people in town and in Littleton about working together to get towns into program.


Minutes (6/21/2021, 6/28/2021)

Selectman Caplain – motion to approve minutes from 6/21 – Selectman Jensen second – roll call – all less Selectman Hibberd.

Selectman Caplain motion to approve minutes from 6/28 – Selectman Hibberd second – roll call – all less Chairman Boisseau and Selectman Moore.


At 8:00 pm Chairman Boisseau made a motion to go to Non-public Session per RSA 91A-3 II (personnel, legal) – Selectman Jensen seconded – roll call – all – motion passed.

Chairman Boisseau – motion to approve dept head and Carol Hammarberg pay increase voted in budget to beginning of year – Selectman Moore second – roll call all – motion passed.

Selectman Caplain – motion to hire Kay Allen as a visitor center employee @ $10/hr – Selectman Moore second – roll call all – motion passed


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Fleury

Administrative Assistant



Department/Function Primary Liaison Secondary Liaison
Executive April Linda
Town Clerk Linda Bruce
Tax Collector Linda Bruce
Assessing/Wood Assessing Gabe Bruce
Legal April Bruce
Planning & Zoning Chris Linda
Government Buildings Bruce Chris
Visitor Center Linda Bruce
Direct Assistance Gabe Chris
Police/Animal Control Chris April
Fire/ Ambulance Linda Gabe
Building Inspection Bruce Chris
Highway/Street lights Gabe Linda
Energy Commission Bruce Linda
Recreation April Linda
Library April Chris
Conservat. Comm./Bretzfelder Linda Bruce
Debt. Serv./TAN/Treasurer Board Board
Safety Committee Bruce April
Bethlehem Country Club                
Bethlehem Village District Bruce April
North Country Council Linda Chris
Transfer Station Committee Chris Linda
Capital Improvement Committee Bruce Linda
Cable Consortium Harry Newell  
Bethlehem Cares Chris April