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08/12/2021 SB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2021


In person – Chairman Boisseau, Selectman Moritz, Selectman Caplain, Selectman Jensen

Chairman Boisseau opened the meeting at 11:03am and reminded people to leave their microphones on mute.


Public Input:

Mike Bruno: short notice – how much notice does a public meeting need to be an official one?

The board discussed the appointment of a new select board member in length. They discussed the recent, close election between the only 2 residents to run for the position. Transparency was discussed as well.  The board feels confident in their choice in appointing Veronica Morris for the vacant position but decided to push off the appointment until the next scheduled select board meeting on 8/23.

Allegra Wright – believes the board should make the decision at the current meeting. The board is being efficient and transparent.

Nancy Strand  – feels the board is being efficient and had made the decision on the appointment and has the power to make the appointment and move forward.

Selectman Jensen made a motion to delay the appointment of the new select board member until August 23rd at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. – roll call – all – motion passed.

Chairman Boisseau made a motion to adjourn at 11:31am – Selectman Caplain Seconded – roll call – all – motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Fleury

Administrative Assistant