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08/27/2020 EC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574


 Bethlehem Energy Commission

 Bethlehem Gazebo

Thursday August 27, 5:00pm


Present:  David Van Houten, Mark Koprowski, Bruce Caplain, Melissa Elander, Mary Lou Krambeer.  Excused:  Dan Crosby  Guest:  Jim Fitzpatrick from Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team

Mission: The Bethlehem Energy Commission was established for the study and planning of energy resources for the town. The commission will evaluate existing energy usage in the town and suggest possible improvements in energy efficiency and conservation, as well as potential clean renewable energy solutions in order to reduce expenses and increase self-reliance.

Profile High School Regional Solar Project:  Because of Covid-19 the Profile School Board annual meeting was held late in 2020 which means the Profile Solar Project missed a federal grant opportunity.  We want to: 1)insure the project goes forward; 2)with a good price and 3)in a timely manner.  Now its time for the school board to sign an agreement with the vendors which will include the pursuit of federal funds and/or incentives in 2021.  It will be important to let the third party agreement lapse (it ends in October).   Next Profile school board meeting is Sept 17 at 5:30.  Mark to reach out to SAU.  Dan Crosby will be making the presentation.

Review minutes from last meeting – motion to approve Bruce, second David.  Motion passed.

Town solar project – USDA Rural Dev application submitted.  We should hear decision by the end of September.  Then we will have to report in with the Selectboard, BES, and the library.

BES – ventilation project underway.

Vision – Here is the draft vision of BEC in 15, 20 years:

Through its single focus the Town of Bethlehem’s buildings and vehicles will be at a high level of efficiency, provide year-round comfort, and be powered by clean and renewable energy that are highly efficient, safe and reliable. 

Community information strategy – David is working on history tab for the website and will include solarize.  He will then work on developing: 1) current projects, 2)state of our buildings and vehicles, 3)advantages – dollar savings, not sending money out of area, emissions….  Need photos to make appealing…

Next meeting date: We shall social distance around a fire on October 8 at 5:00 at Bruce Caplain’s house — 12 Birchmere St., Bethlehem, NH

Public input — none

Adjourn 5:55pm









Bethlehem Energy Commission Vision



Bethlehem’s buildings and transportation vehicles that use its roads will be at a high level of efficiency and provide year round comfort and will be powered by operating systems that are highly efficient, safe and reliable with low maintenance, produce no harmful emissions, are not affected by weather or system vulnerabilities, are not affected by inter or intra country political or corporate manipulations, use locally produced fuel, and are of low cost.

Lofty Goals:

  1. Insulate all buildings to an R-65 in attic-R-30 in sidewalls with double pane windows
  2. Solar for all buildings with good solar exposure
  3. Wood pellet with air source heat pumps or Geothermal heating and cooling for all buildings.
  4. Community solar for all buildings that don’t have good solar exposure
  5. Battery storage/emergency power in all buildings
  6. Large battery bank at the community solar site for night and winter storage
  7. Electrify all vehicles


The vision of BEC in 15, 20 years:  Through its single focus BEC has put Bethlehem on the map as a clean energy town.

The Town of Bethlehem’s buildings and vehicles will be at a high level of efficiency, provide year-round comfort, and be powered by clean and renewable energy that are highly efficient, safe and reliable.







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