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08/31/2021 BC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Cares Committee Work


PRESENT:  Chris Jensen, April Hibberd, Alison Caruso, Erin Talcot, Tina Lister

Public Meeting:

Minutes from 8/3/21 meeting accepted.

Total donations ($4117) to date and balance ($2349.06 as of 7/30/21) were reviewed.  Other committee members should send information about future donations received other than Paypal to Alison and she will update the spreadsheet as needed.  Monthly checking of balance should be done.

No applications have come in since the last meeting.  Applicant #3 may be reapplying for assistance with a more specific need. More information will be forthcoming

Chris checked on the t-shirts and it was agreed that it may be too much effort for too little gain.

Meeting then focused on ways to make the public more aware of the availability of assistance and need for donations. Alison will contact Maia Papaya regarding their Fancy Friday Coffee program.  Tina will contact the Littleton Coop for more information on their monthly partner program for 2022. April will contact the principals at BES and Profile to find out if they have any leads to families that could use assistance and to see about sending a flyer home with students.  Chris will repost info on Facebook.  It was suggested that having a table set up during the Gazebo Concerts would be a good idea starting with next year as this Sunday is the last one for the season.  Also suggested: selling stickers, First Friday, Giving Tuesday (last Tuesday in November), end of summer fund drive, Farmer’s Market.

Alison will design a two-sided postcard to have for distribution or to leave at various places for people to grab.

Next meeting set for Tuesday, September 28 @ 9::30 AM