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09/08/2021 PB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574


Planning Board September 8, 2021



6 p.m.


Town Hall: Mike Bruno, Vice Chair Kim Koprowski, Anthony Rodrigues, Alecia Loveless, Chris Jensen, and Kevin Roy

Excused absence:  Johnathan Stevenson

Alternate: Peter Roy


Chair Bruno opened the meeting and read the AGENDA.

He asked Peter Roy to become a voting member for the evening.

All stood for the pledge of allegiance.

Arrowhead cabins Site Plan.  Owner David Brantley

The board went over the checklist with the surveyor Gardner Kellogg.

Anthony Rodrigues motion accept the checklist as complete pending wetland and DOT permits.  Peter Roy second 5-0 passed

Joel Brantley presented the cabin community project located off Maple Street.  He and his father David Brantley want to bring the natural beauty of the white mountains to this cabin community.   The Campground will not have tenting; it will consist of 2 large cabins and 8 on the smaller size.  Between 1600 and 1000 square feet. Long terms plans include walking and biking trails.  Cabins will be approximately 600 to 800 square feet.  The Fedko property will not be affected by the common land portion that goes thru their property.  The Arrowhead cabins will have their own common area with access to the river.  This is a 2-year project.  Anthony Rodrigues asked if they are going to be 4 seasons.  Joes Brantley: 7-8 months out of the year.  No mud seasons.  Pictures of the cabins were passed around.  High end modular cabins. This could be called glamours camping Mike Bruno said. (glamping) Kim Koprowski asked about the extra structures on the map.  It is the Laundry, pump house, and bathrooms.  They plan on having the two larger cabins in the front framed out by winter.  First phase.  Modular phase 2.  Chris Jensen asked about square feet of the front two.  1000 to 4000 square feet.   Mike Bruno asked about max capacity of all the rentals.  David Brantley answered:  35-40 people.   No long-term renters.  They will have very tight control over this area.  Campers will have access to the property by way of a coded gate.


Abutter Jaffrey Fages asked about signage, garbage, and parking.  Mr. Bruno: signage is a Select Board question.  Garbage will be placed on the property dumpster.  Shown on the map.  Mr. Fages asked about Deed restrictions. Mr. Bruno:  It is not the privy of the Planning Board to investigate deeds.  You can ask the applicant.  It is a campground, not any different than Baker Brook. (PMR) Mr. Fages asked about headlights pointing into his house.  Mr. Brantley said that this would be taken into consideration.   Joel Brantley:  lives 4 houses down.

Mr. Fages asked about smoking area, pets, and parking.  Mr. Bruno touched again on a property manager.  Joel Brantley: If he finds the need for it down the line, he will add a manager.

Mike Bruno moved to approve Site Plan review with conditions. Post on the property no trespassing on adjourning property.  Fedko. Wetlands and septic approvals from the checklist.   Kim Koprowski second.   4-0 Peter Roy stepped out.

Closed. Brantley


Leavitt minor sub.  Tom Smith presented the minor sub for Leavitt.  Mr. Leavitt wants to sell his deceased fathers’ property. He plans on keeping 5 acres parcel out of the original 30 acres and keep 5 acres.  He has 430 feet frontage.

No board questions

All those in favor of approving the Leavitt subdivision.  5-0 passed


Aug. 25 minutes.  Anthony Rodriques motion to approve 8-25-21 Kim Koprowski second.  3-2 abstain Mike and Kevin


Gravel pit.  Seeley and 7 Dwarfs done on Thursday.

Bethlehem Earth Materials. Mike Bruno said that it is not in the best interest of the board for Johnathan Stevenson to do his own pit.  Kevin Roy and Mike Bruno would like to have the gravel pit form re-worked.  Mr. Jensen will wordsmith the document.

Kevin Roy would like to put 7-dwarfs notice.  The pit is overgrown and in dire need of repair.  It is not active.  Under section J. gravel pits in the towns ordinance a gravel pit should not be inactive for aver 3 years.  He will be sent a letter from the planning board.  Alecia Loveless said that this will set a precedence for all other ordinances if something is not done.

Kevin Roy motion to draft a letter to 7-dwarfs in reference to section J referring to inactive pit; 3 years.  Peter Roy Second.  5-0 passed.


Board business

Tinker Stevenson would like to be considered an alternate.  Add an end date to the position in October.

Tara Branford will be presenting road specs at the next planning board meeting on September 22.

Johnny Stevenson will speak with Tara about all forms being looked over.


Mike Bruno would like to have Master Plan yearly requirements added to the next AGENDA.  Master Plan requires annual updating.  It was last done in the fall of 2020.

A portion of the $134 thousand might be available to the Planning Board according to Chris Jensen.



Mike Bruno motion to adjourn.  Peter Roy second.  5-0


Respectfully submitted

Deb Bayley

Planning/Zoning Clerk