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09/09/2021 BC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Cares Committee Work


Present: Chris Jensen, April Hibberd, Tina Lister, Christine Kelly, Carol Johnson-Haywood

Next meeting: 10/19/21 at 9:00 (The previously scheduled meeting for Sept 28th has been canceled.)

Public Meeting Discussion Points:

Minutes from 8/31 were accepted.

Because of the need for today’s emergency meeting the previously scheduled meeting for 9/28 has been rescheduled for 10/19/21. As always, the committee will meet sooner if needed.

Once Crystal takes over the welfare administrator’s position she will be a voting member of the committee. Our current guidelines state that the committee will be made up of eight members. It was agreed that we will request approval from the Board of Selectmen to change the language of the guidelines to include a nine – member committee. This will allow for an odd number of voting members.


Meeting moved to non-public:



A new application was reviewed (applicant #6). A working refrigerator is needed for a family. Criteria was considered.


A quorum of the committee was present to vote on decisions.


It was a unanimous vote to pay up to 1200 dollars to ensure the family has a working refrigerator.


Actions to be taken:

April will call Habitat to see if there is a good working refrigerator available before going to Lowe’s/Home Depot

If delivery is an issue April will reach out for local assistance.


Meeting adjourned.