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10/27/2021 PB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574


Planning Board October 27, 2021



6 p.m.


Town Hall: Chair Mike Bruno, Vice Chair Kim Koprowski, Kevin Roy, Alecia Loveless, Chris Jensen

Excused absence:   Anthony Rodrigues, and Johnathan Stevenson

Alternate: Peter Roy (out)


Chair Bruno opened the meeting and read the AGENDA.

All stood for the pledge of allegiance.


The Village District was invited to discuss future projects that involve town sewer and water.


Mr. Robie Sr. explained that the Village Districts would like to be notified before people fill their pools, plan a condo development or commercial enterprise. He went on to say that there was a water break on Muchmore Drive this evening that would impact from the Wayside to the Elks.  He gets calls at home that he just can’t answer. Engineers for the district determine the output on water and the input of the sewer.  Some days there is plenty of water other days the reservoirs are low.  Water supply is from Zealand and the Gale River in the White Mountain National Forest 14 miles away.  The treatment plant is on Berkley Street.  Water ends at 369 Agassiz and sewer is only inside the district boundaries; sewer is gravity feed. Sewer treatment plant is on Hedgerose.   Services are from the Elks to Wayside and side streets,  Maple Street ends at Applehill.  Water average from October 2020- September 2021 was 293,000 gpd.

Chair Bruno expressed that it is imperative that the Village District is included on Site plans and subdivision’s that lie within the district.  The board would like to have a condition on all approvals that the Village District has to signoff on the project before going forward.

Mr. Robie Sr., Russell Mardin Jr. and Bruce Brown would like to invite the Planning Board to their monthly meetings.  They would also ask the Planning Board to use the Village Districts engineers for any questions or concerns.  Mr. Robie Sr. noted that all yellow hydrants are untreated water.  The board asked Deb to add a condition to the Site plan and subdivision application and checklist to inform the Village District of upcoming projects within the district boundaries.

Closed Village District discussion


Minutes 10-13-21

Chris Jensen motion to approve 10-13-21 minutes.  Alecia Loveless second.  5-0 passed


Mr. Bruno discussed the budget.   6% cost of living from Tim Fleury.  Tara Bamford scope of work estimate.  $6 to $8K.  money will hopefully be coming from the ARPA grant that is covid related.

He asked Deb to reach out to June Garneau for her estimate to update master plan in 3 years.


Mr. Bruno would like to flat line the planning/zoning budget that will not increase the tax rate.

He would also like to have the alternate position to the PB added to the town newsletter.  Mr. Bruno asked about a student liaison to the PB that is a Bethlehem resident.  Kim Koprowski said that she would check with Kerry Sheehan/Profile School Principal.   The 2023 graduation class will have to pass a naturalization civics test going forward.


Alecia Loveless motion to adjourn.  Kevin Roy second.  5-0 adjourned




Respectfully submitted

Deb Bayley

Planning/Zoning Clerk