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11/23/2020 SB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

November 23, 2020

Via Zoom – Chairman Boisseau, Selectman Moore, Selectman Moritz, Selectman Caplain, Selectman Jensen.

Chairman Boisseau opened the meeting at 6:00 and reminded people to leave their microphones on mute.

Chairman Boisseau said he would like to announce the positive for this week: Welcome Tim Fleury as new admin assistant in Bethlehem. Thank April for her support in the transition. Big thank you for her 11 years of service.



Rita Farrell – Asked if the board would investigate coming off Agassiz onto 302 to improve view pulling out onto 302. Selectman Moritz mentioned adding motorcycle parking to help problem. Selectman Caplan mentioned “complete streets” later in meeting and it was added to next week’s agenda.

Rita would like to bring to the attention of the board concerns about the landfill expansion. She stated there are documented problems with Casella- SEC document – cease and desist order from a few years ago. She would like to bring to boards attention that a federal agency has already gone after Casella and it is possible.



Brett Jackson – Mower purchase and bucket truck bid. The mower purchase was originally planned for next year but the cemetery work not being done due to COVID. The money is in budget now, no need to wait another year. There has been at least a $1000 over the past 2 year in repairs for broken axle. There is 1800 hours on current mower.  Brett suggested using the cemetery maintenance line to pay for mower and cemetery equipment purchase. $5000 total after discounts and trade in.

Selectman Moritz moved to purchase mower. Selectman Caplan seconded – roll call – all – motion passes.



Beech Hill Auto – $1000 to purchase bucket truck

Tyler Murray – $597 to purchase

Brett Jackson – The truck has sat for a year. Time to move it

Chairman Boisseau moves to accept Beech Hill bid. Selectman Caplan seconded – roll call – all – motion passes.



Profile Technologies – $3216 total Selectman Moritz stated that the funds would come from the technology capital reserve.

Alan Chief DeMoranville – These are for the work stations for patrol officers. The current stations are slowing down and were installed in 2011.

Chairman Boisseau moved to move forward with Profile Technologies bid. Selectman Caplan seconded. Roll call – all – motion passes.



Chairman Boisseau stated that the topic has been brought up over the years and has been discussed numerous times with public input. He stated that there will be a board discussion first with additional public input after.

Alan Chief DeMoranville – The police chief stated that one of the benefits to adopting an ordinance is that any monies collected go to the town rather than go to courts. Also, it is a civil fine and would not go to court which would avoids marks on an individual’s record over a noise complaint.

Selectman Moore – Stated she is hesitant to use a town ordinance when a state RSA already exists.

Selectman Jensen – Selectman Jensen asked if this was Chief Ho Sing Loy’s original proposal previously presented to the board. Chief DeMoranville confirmed and has no issues with it. It is similar to other towns. Chief DeMoranville stated there are no glaring problems but would need to go over more thoroughly before adopting. The amounts of fines are reasonable to Chief DeMoranville.  He stated it is a good point to keep it in the town without adding criminal record to offender, Selectman Moritz agrees. Chief DeMoranville stated an ordinance is preferred as it gives more leeway to local law enforcement and leaves items off record. Selectman Jensen asked if target shooting or fireworks would be part of the ordinance. Chief DeMoranville: yes, as long as it’s in the prohibited time frame.

Chairman Boisseau:  Asked if the ordinance has enough teeth to discourage repeat offenders. Chief DeMoranville – yes due to escalating fine amounts. The offense can still go to disorderly conduct and bypass the town ordinance for egregious offense. Chief DeMoranville would like to go over it before adopting to make sure it’s good for town. Chairman Boisseau asked the board their opinion of town ordinance versus state RSA. Selectman Caplan – Makes sense for town over state. Selectman Moore – changed mind based on Chief DeMoranville, agrees town level makes mores sense.  Selectman Moritz – agreed. She asked if the board felt this should be a warrant article and would follow the decision of the rest of the board. Selectman Jensen feels it is appropriate for select board to act on quickly with public input at meeting. A town vote may miss people who really need help with the issue. Selectman Moore agrees with Selectman Jensen. Selectman Caplan agrees with Selectman Jensen to a board vote. Chairman Boisseau agrees with select board vote. Chief DeMoranville stated exceptions can be made for time issues with construction etc. Chairman Boisseau proposes to move forward with board vote after appropriate public input. Selectman Jensen stated 2 public hearings need to be scheduled to adopt a new ordinance. Selectman Moritz suggested adding the ordinance hearing to the budget hearing to help cut down on postings. Jan 18th is the first hearing combined with the budget hearing. Selectman Jensen mentioned to make sure to add code officer to discussion as he is discussed in proposed ordinance. Selectman Caplan suggested circulating ordinance to board members to add comments.

Public input: Chairman Boisseau stated there will be 2 public hearings before any ordinance is adopted by the town.

Rita Farrell: Rita stated this is a little precipitous. Chief Ho Sing Loy didn’t like idea of ordinance. There is a noise ordinance in an old town report that covers this. There should be a decibel level to violate ordinance and define noise before adopting. She is concerned about being too harsh without defined levels. The old ordinance states a distance of 20ft off property and a decibel level needed. Chairman Boisseau stated that the board is voting tonight and that the ordinance is focused on repeat offenders with numerous complaints.

Harry Newell – Harry asked if the ordinance is an update of a 1997 ordinance and if it would replace it.  Chairman Boisseau answered, yes it would replace anything on books.

Chief DeMoranville – last comments – ordinance would make it less likely to bring people in for small offences.




Selectman Caplan –  2 things. The sale was closed on Friday. Congratulations to the Koprowskis on their new ownership. Thank you to all involved in completing sale

Continue use of BCC name – board would need to vote based on legal counsel. Contingent on PRIMEX and legal counsel approval. Chairman Caplan is for keeping BCC name. Chairman Moore really likes idea of keeping the name, the brand has been around for years. Chairman Boisseau and Selectman Jensen agree in keeping the name

Chairman Boisseau offered his thanks to Bruce for all his help in getting the asset sold.

Selectmen Moritz moved to allow the Koprowskis to keep the BCC name contingent of legal counsel and Primex approval. Selectman Moore seconded. Roll call – all – motion passes.

Selectman Jensen added that Selectman Caplan saved the town a tremendous amount of money and was a great asset to the town. Selectman Moore and Selectman Moritz added to that.



Selectman Caplan: Chris McGrath asked if agenda could be downloadable and visible on the website without downloading it. The agenda has been made downloadable and visible on website without downloading.

Frank Claffey – In regard to the building’s boiler. It was installed in 2013 for a cost of $47,000 with $5000 of change orders when it was installed. Some current energy committee members were on the committee when it was installed, and this boiler was recommended by that original committee. Installed in 2013, $16,000 in maintenance since installation. Selectman Moritz stated Alan Jackson was very helpful in original purchase and asked if there was a plumber on the committee. Selectman Caplan stated that there will be an engineer looking at any new projects to make a complete analysis. Selectman Moritz is concerned with replacement over continued maintenance. Chairman Boisseau stated it is time to investigate a new unit to cut losses if we are continuing to lose money with maintenance. Selectman Jensen would like an independent analysis to determine lifespan and feasibility. Selectman Caplan stated that there will be an engineer to advise committee. Chairman Boisseau would like to wait to hear back from committee before making any decisions.



Selectman Caplan – Asked if Complete Streets should be listed as an agenda item or under other. Selectman Moore suggested tabling it for next week and adding it to the agenda.



MINUTES (11/16/2020)

Selectman Moore move to accept minutes from 11/16/2020  – Chairman Boisseau seconded – roll call – all – motion passes.


At 6:56 Chairman Boisseau moved to go into non-public session per RSA 91A:3 II for matters of personnel.  Selectman Caplain seconded – roll call – all – motioned carried.

Discussion of PTO buyback options, if any. Discussion amongst board on options. Tabled for furthered information.

At 7:21 Chairman Boisseau made a motion to adjourn. Selectman Moritz seconded – roll call – all – motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Fleury

Administrative Assistant