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12/08/2020 ZB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574



Tuesday December 8, 2020



6:00 pm


Present:  Andrea Bryant Chair, Shane MacElhiney, Ruth Heintz, and Vice Chair David Van Houten

Unexcused absence:  Patrick Doughty

Alternate.  Martie Cook

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance

Chair Bryant opened the meeting at 6:06 pm.  She appointed alternate Martie Cook to step in as a full voting member due to Patrick Doughty’s absence.   She then read the Agenda.

Agenda item:

Minutes September 8, 2020

Shane MacElhiney motion to approve minutes from September 8, 2020.  David Van Houten second.  All in favor 5-0 motion passed. Marty Cook abstained.


Agenda item:

Discussion on Special Exception warrant article.  The Board was updated that the Hearings on their proposed Special Exception Criteria before the Planning Board went smoothly.  The Planning Board sent the new Criteria to the Town Attorney who approved them.

The board discussed writing a letter to the newspaper as a letter to the editor or a press release. Discussion was centered around how the letter endorsing the warrant article should be signed by the Chair or the entire board.

Andrea Bryant motion to send a press release to or contact Angel Larcom promoting the Special Exception warrant article.  Martie Cook second 5-0 passed

Board business:

Andrea Bryant and Ruth Heintz term of office is coming to an end.  Both plan on running for another term.

Next meeting will be April 13, 2020 unless a Zoning application is submitted.

Shane MacElhiney motion to adjourn.  Ruth Heintz second 5-0 adjourned


Respectfully submitted

Deb Bayley

Planning/Zoning clerk