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5/24/2023 PB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Present: Anthony Rodrigues, Mike Bruno, Linda Moore, Kevin Roy, Sean Gawlik, and Jerry Blanchard

Absent: Alecia Loveless and Martie Cook



Anthony Rodrigues opened the meeting at 6:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Anthony appointed Jerry Blanchard as a voting member for tonight’s meeting.


Anthony opens the public hearing for the Chandler Hotel minor site plan review and reads the public hearing notice.


Mike Bruno and Linda Moore review the checklist while Anthony checks the abutters list.


Mike Bruno motions to accept the application as complete; Linda Moore seconds the motion with all members voting in favor.


Vin Patel, the current operator of the Chandler Hotel presented the project to the board, which included the addition of 10 rooms on the ground floor, where the previous restaurant was. Mr. Patel understands there is a need for additional parking (10 new spaces will need to be available) which is being planned for the abutting property on Main Street. He also understands there is a requirement to enclose some roof top units and explains there is a plan to enclose three out of the five existing units.


Mr. Patel is seeking conditional approval so the construction can begin on the rooms before the summer season begins, knowing that there will have to be a solution to the parking concerns before the Chandler can obtain an occupancy permit for the new rooms.


Anthony Rodrigues reminds the board that there were already conditions in place from last fall which still needed to be addressed.


Mike Bruno suggested that the condition of sound proofing needed to be completed before or at the same time, but not after. He also noted that the footprint of the building was not being changed and all the work to be done was interior and therefore is under the purview of the building inspector. The Planning Board conditions would be the sound proofing and parking before and occupancy permit would be issued.


Mr. Patel noted that he was unaware of the sound proofing issue and apologized that was not conveyed to him.




Mike Bruno motioned to approve the site plan application for 10 additional guest rooms with the following conditions.

Construction of the soundproof barriers on the roof must be completed and signed off on by the Building Inspector. The construction of the 10 additional rooms is approved, however, an occupancy permit will not be issued until a parking plan has been submitted to and approved by the Planning Board.

Sean Gawlik seconded the motion and a unanimous vote in favor followed.

Anthony Rodrigues closed the public hearing at 6:40.

Other Business

A brief discussion regarding the Littleton Planning Boards upcoming meeting on the regional impact of the Crow Gravel pit took place.

The board reviewed the meeting minutes from May 10, 2023. Mike Bruno made a motion to approve the minutes and Kevin Roy seconds. The motion passes unanimously. Linda and Jerry abstain.

The board discusses a request from Franz Szakmary to reopen his gravel pit and requests that Dawn contact Mary at DES for guidance.

Anthony proposes a summer meeting schedule of once a month for June, July, and August.  The board agrees on the second Wednesday of the month for the summer; 6/14/23, 7/12/23, 8/9/23.

The board discusses the planning process for the next Master Plan and requests that Dawn research RFPs other towns are using.

Linda Moore made a motion to adjourn. Kevin Roy followed with a second with all members voting in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Ferringo

Planning and Zoning Board Clerk