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White Mountains Biking

In Bethlehem you’ll find mountain biking, road and gravel biking plus fat tire biking in the winter. Biking in the highest town in New England in the northern White Mountains brings exhilaration and excitement at every bend!

From beginner to advanced trails, you’ll find a variety of options and we continue to expand each year.

Biking has become an increasingly popular activity for both the adventure seekers and leisure riders alike. Bethlehem is truly at the center of great biking in northern New Hampshire and more trails are easily accessible in neighboring towns – it’s no wonder that we were certified by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bike Friendly Community.


Can you Everest on our fat tire trails this winter? Everesting means that you gain in elevation the same as one would gain if they climbed Mt. Everest – 29,032 feet! 

The Challenge – Throughout the course of the winter, ride our three trail networks and work towards a total elevation gain of 29,032 feet! You can achieve it with as many rides as you need to as long as they’re on the networks in Bethlehem, Littleton and Franconia while they’re groomed for fat tire riding!

Tracking – Use a known common app such as Strava or Garmin to track each ride and measure your elevation. Keep track of each of your rides and your total elevation until you reach 29,032!

Submission – Submit your completed results, name and address to We’ll post all successful completions and the date it was completed! All riders who complete the challenge will get an awesome Swag Bag for their amazing efforts!

Bethlehem Trails Association

Bike the North Country

To download a printable map of all of Bethlehem Trail Association’s trails, click here. To learn more about Bethlehem Trails Association, visit their website.

Other Biking Trails:

Profile Recreational Rail Trail: The Profile Rail Trail is 1.5-mile-long trail in Bethlehem between Route 3 and Rt. 302. This trail is open year-round for a variety of outdoor activities. Parking is available on Muchmore Road and Trudeau Road off Route 302.

Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail which utilizes the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail through Bethlehem:  One of the most popular rides is along the Ammonoosuc River on the Rail Trail. This is accessible in Bethlehem and continues to Woodstock. During winter months, this trail is used as a snowmobiling, cross country skiing, fat tire biking, and walking path.

The longer and broader Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail is an 83 mile trail that goes from Woodsville to Bethel and utilizes the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail along the way. It’s quite an adventure and there are great places to stay, visit, and eat along the way, including lots in Bethlehem.