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03/20/2019 PB Minutes


Planning Board

March 20, 2019



6:00 pm

Present: Chris McGrath Acting Chair, Johnathan Stevenson, Marie Stevenson and Chris Jensen

Absent: Mike Bruno

Acting Chair Chris McGrath opened the meeting at 6:00 pm and read the Agenda for a Conceptual for Karen Roy. Karen explained that she will be opening a home health business in her home.  Her home is on 8 acres with a half mile driveway.  There will be plenty of parking. She will only be seeing one client at a time.  Her business will be by appointment only.  Chris McGrath explained that it is a permitted use.

Chris McGrath motion to waive Site Plan Review for 849 Maple Street Home Health Business Johnathan Stevenson second 4-0 motion passes.

Next on the AGENDA was Eversource scenic tree trimming. Brian Salas Arborist for Eversource spoke on hazardous and rotten trees that need to be addressed.  Eversource explained that this is about a 4 year cycle for tree trimming and they ask permission for all 3 scenic roads at one public hearing.   Flyers were sent out at least 45 days ago regarding tree and brush trimming in the area for all other roads.  Gilmanton/Old Franconia Road, Lewis Hill and Swazey residents that need to have trees trimmed or taken down will receive a letter explaining the process.  Residents can refuse to allow cutting if they wish.   Marie Stevenson asked what cutting will be done on Swazey? The answer was none.  Shane Dione with Asplundh said that he speaks directly with customers, Asplundh will cut up the wood or haul it away if the customer wishes.   Kim Koprowski asked about flaggers.  Cherry Valley Road tree cutting has been going on with no flaggers.  There are some very dangerous curves on that road.  Mr. Dione said that he would look into it.  David Armento 1278 Old Franconia Road asked if the trees coming down were marked with orange tape. He has several more that need to come down. The answer was yes.

Mr. Dione explained that you can call Eversource anytime with a tree concern.  David Bishop 1221 Old Franconia Road loses power a lot and he thinks that the transformer is bad. The fuse always blows.  Mr. Dione will also look into the transformer issue.    Brian Salas said that his job is to not loose power.  There may be a load factor involved.  Mr. Jensen asked that Mr. Bishop to let the board know when the issue is resolved.

There was discussion on the Right of Way ROW on Old Franconia Road. The residents would like to know how it is defined.  It was suggested to come into the town office to find out.

Chris McGrath motion to approve scenic tree cutting on Old Franconia/Gilmanton, Lewis Hill and Swazey Road. Eversource has permission to cut beyond the list if needed with landowner’s permission without coming back to the Planning Board. Marie Stevenson second 4-0 motion passes

Minutes from February 13, 2019

Chris McGrath motion to approve minutes from February 13, 2019 3-1 motion passes   

Chris Jensen abstained

Next Planning Board meeting March 27, 2019.

Marie Stevenson motion to adjourn Chris Jensen second 4-0 motion passes

Adjourned 7:00pm

Respectfully submitted

Debra Bayley

Planning/Zoning Clerk












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May 8, 2019

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