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03/27/2019 PB Minutes

Planning Board
March 27, 2019

6:00 pm

Present:   Chris McGrath Acting Chair, Mike Bruno, Johnathan Stevenson, Marie Stevenson, Kevin Roy, and Chris Jensen
Absent:  David Rodrigues

Acting Chair Chris McGrath opened the meeting at 6:00 pm and read the Agenda welcoming new board member Kevin Roy.  Elections for Chair and Vice Chair we discussed.

Mike Bruno nominated Johnathan Stevenson as Chairman. Chris McGrath second 6-0 motion passes.
Chris Jensen nominated Mike Bruno for Vice Chair. Marie Stevenson second 6-0 motion passes

Chris McGrath motion to accept David Rodrigues resignation letter from March 6, 2019.  Mike Bruno second 6-0 motion passes.
Mike Bruno will generate a thank you letter for David Rodrigues for his 2 years of service.

Discussion was started regarding appointing a new board member and how long the board would like to post the position.   Mr. Jensen expressed how the vote was so close between Johnathan Stevenson, Kevin Roy and Kim Koprowski.  Kim ran a great campaign and deserves to be appointed to the empty board seat.  It is clear that she wants to serve, and he believes that it will not be necessary to post the position.

Kevin Roy asked if Kim wrote a letter of intent for both positions, or just one.  She applied for both positions answered Deb Bayley.  Kevin Roy expressed that the one-year position on the planning board may be more attractive than a 3 year.  And it should be posted.  Mr. Jensen disagrees.  Kim got 211 votes from the town.  It is a little bit insulting to not just appoint her to the position.  Cheryl Jensen spoke on behalf of Kim, saying it seems to be a no brainer; just appoint her.  The town made their wishes known. Mike Bruno would like to set a president to post or not to post, at which point do we find it appropriate to post of not post. Cheryl Jensen express that she felt it to be a slap in face to Kim.  Marie Stevenson would like to have the board take a vote to post.  Andrea Bryant asked how the position will be determined and what are the qualifications.  Chair Johnathan Stevenson answered that the candidate needs to be a resident, active member of the community and attend meetings.  Theresa Wood said Kim Koprowski has the qualifications as a voter, she wants to serve, and she was almost elected.

Betsy Phillips added that Kim just missed being elected, she should be the next in line.  Please note that the 6 on the board could override what the towns wants.

Mike Bruno and Marie Stevenson expressed that no one knows how the board will vote. Mr. Bruno reminded the public that they are elected officials.  Mr. Jensen continued to say that the board is ignoring the voters.  Kim Koprowski asked what the time line was going to be in electing the new board member?  How will the process work?

Mike Bruno motion to post planning board member notice for a 1-year term; until April 5th. With a decision being made at next Planning Board meeting on April 10, 2019.  Marie Stevenson second 5-1 motion passes    Chris Jensen opposed
Discussion on alternates:  No change in procedure

Marie Stevenson motion to seek two alternates.  Alternates will be posted until April 19, 2019 to be determined at the April 24, 2019 planning board meeting.  Kevin Roy second 6-0 motion passes.

Mike Bruno would like to find out about having a student planning board member.  Such as a Student government program with the high school.  Kim Koprowski will look into discussing this program with the School board.
Chris McGrath Motion to approve minutes from March 20, 2019.  Marie Stevenson second 4-2 motion passes 2 abstained.  Kevin Roy and Mike Bruno

February 13th, 2019 minutes approved without a quorum.  (Dave Wiley term is up.  David Rodrigues stepped down)
Chris McGrath Motion to adjourn Mike Bruno second 6-0 motion passes
Respectfully submitted
Debra Bayley
Planning/Zoning Clerk


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April 12, 2019

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