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05/28/2020 Conservation Commission Minutes

Bethlehem Conservation Commission

May 28, 2020

Zoom Conference



Present: Lindsay Webb, Cheryl Jensen, Nicole McGrath, Linda Moore, Vivian Winterhoff, Alternate Jeanne Robillard

Absent: Margaret Gale, Alternate Marilyn Johnson

Guest: Barry Zitser, Nancy Strand, Tom Suitor?

Lindsay called the meeting to order.


The BCC reviewed the meeting minutes of March 12th, April 16th, and April 22nd. A typo was corrected in the March 12th meeting meetings. Cheryl moved to approve the minutes with the one change. Linda seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Cheryl motioned to approve the meeting minutes of April 16th, Linda seconded, motion passed unanimously.

The April 22nd minutes were incorrectly dated for the 16th. Cheryl moved to approve the minutes, Linda seconded, motion passed unanimously.


The BCC thanked the Transfer Station Committee members for their hard work and thoroughness in putting together the Transfer Station Committee Contingency Plan. The Transfer Station Committee members would like to work with the BCC and the Town to encourage moving towards zero waste.


There were 14 participants that reported back to the BCC through the Facebook page and they collected about 40 to 50 bags of trash. The participant names had all been entered into a virtual hat. The winner of the gift card to a Bethlehem Business of their choice was Wendy Aldrich Jordan. Chery will contact her to find out which Bethlehem business she would like a gift card to and get her mailing address to send once available.


Linda met with the surveyor Gardener Kellogg. He is still working on cutting a swath and flagging around the property line. He provided her with a map of the survey. The survey showed that where two of the parcels come together there is no overlap and they only meet at a point. If the BCC wants to put a trail connecting through we will need to get permission of the abutters. Linda is looking into getting more medallions for marking the property line in the town forest. She believed they should be one every 100 feet and estimates we will need approximately 120 medallions. Lindsay believes we should be able to pay for the medallions with the remaining grant money. Lindsay offers to reach out to NHACC to give them an update of the Town Forest Survey and use of the grant funds.


Nicole had checked with the Town’s insurance company to find out if the BCC publishing the trail map would create liability for the Town. They felt the liability created was minimal and a disclaimer similar to what the state or federal government uses would be sufficient. Lindsay offered to research what disclaimers other organizations have on their hiking brochure. Cheryl had some suggestions for the brochure, she will send them to Lindsay for review.


The BCC was interested in the possibility of planting wildflowers and native plants in the abandoned community gardens by the Gazebo. The Select Board will be discussing the garden beds at the next Select Board meeting Monday June 1st.


Chery forwarded around a video recording of the NHMA webinar Trails for Wildlife and People.


There was no public comment.


The next meeting will be June 25, at 6:00 pm. Location to be determined or zoom.

Cheryl motioned to adjourn the meeting at 6:44pm, Linda seconded, passed unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Nicole McGrath