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02/12/2020 PB Minutes

Planning Board
February 12, 2020
6 p.m.

Present: Chairman Johnathan Stevenson, Mike Bruno, Chris McGrath, Marie Stevenson, Kim Koprowski, Kevin Roy, and Chris Jensen
Alternates: Anthony Rodrigues and Peter Roy

Chairman Stevenson opened the meeting, all stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chairman Stevenson read the agenda.

Kim Koprowski made a motion to approve minutes as amended for January 22, 2020 Kevin Roy seconded the motion, which passed on a 7-0 vote.

The board considered Chairman Stevenson’s letter for the Town Report and made no changes.

Rek-Lis Brewing Company

There was a discussion on what should be included in the certified letter to be sent to Rek`lis Brewing Company about changes to the buildings that are not shown on the approved site plans.

Board members generally agreed that as town officials they have a duty to make sure that site plans are followed and accurately show what happened with a building. The concern is that changes have been made without going to the planning board.

Chairman Stevenson said the site plans need to reflect how both buildings now look.

Vice chair Mike Bruno noted that the Arlington Hotel had to come back to the planning board to make sure that building was in compliance with the approved site plan and this is the same issue.

Mr. Bruno said when Marlaina Renton was before the planning board originally, she said the extra seating in the new building was for functions or to replace outdoor seating when the weather is bad.

Mr. Bruno said he would like to make it clear to Rek-Lis that the addition was not approved for additional seating (except for functions) when the outdoor seating is available.

The board decided it would ask Rek`lis owners Ian Dowling and Marlaina Renton to come back on March 18th with updated plans. Those plans should show the changes and how the buildings now look including setbacks. The board’s concerns include the old building as well as the addition.

Board member Marie Stevenson said she thinks Dave Wiley, who is both the Rek-Lis architect and the town’s code officer, should attend that meeting. Mrs. Stevenson also said in her opinion Mr. Wiley doing both things is a conflict of interest.

Several board members also wondered how often projects are visited by the code officer to see if site plans are being followed.

Mr. Bruno made a motion to have a letter drafted to the select board asking that Dave Wiley be required to attend the March 18, 2020 meeting. The motion passed 6-1 motion, with Chris McGrath opposed.

Board member Kim Koprowski made a motion to ask the select board to have Dave Wiley hold off on issuing an Occupancy Permit for the addition until all the planning board requirements and concerns are resolved. Mike Bruno seconded the motion, which passed 6-1 with Chris McGrath opposed.


There was discussion on emails to the entire planning board and how they should be handled. Chris Jensen said that he has spoken with the New Hampshire Municipal Association and the proper way to do it is for a blind-copy so that it is impossible for anyone to accidentally reply to all. Mr. McGrath said that is the legal way to do it.

Scoping Meeting Dalton

Planning Board member Mrs. Stevenson said she will attend a scoping meeting in Concord about possible impacts of having an entrance off Route 116 for the new landfill being proposed by North Country Environmental Services.

Marie Stevenson motion to adjourn and Chris Jensen seconded. It passed on a 6-1 motion with Chris McGrath opposed

Respectfully submitted
Deb Bayley