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02/10/2014 – Minutes

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Bethlehem Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
Bethlehem Selectmen Office
February 10, 2014

Present: Chairman Blanchard, Selectman Culver, Selectman Laleme.

At 6:03 Chairman Blanchard opened the meeting.

The Board reviewed a request from the Elk clubs to hold raffles for the purpose of raising funds to support their charitable donations. Selectman Laleme moved to allow the Elks to hold raffles to allow them to raise funds. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0

The Board reviewed three abatements. All three abatements were reviewed by our assessor, Richard Dorsett. Selectman Culver moved to accept recommendation from Mr. Dorsett to grant the abatement. Selectman Laleme seconded. Carried 3-0. Chairman Blanchard moved to accept recommendation from Mr. Dorsett to grant application for Current Use for property on Whitefield Road. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0. Selectman Laleme moved to accept recommendation from Mr. Dorsett to deny
abatement request for property at 21 Mount Lafayette Way. Chairman Blanchard seconded. Carried 3-0.

The Board discussed whether or not they were going to write up Warrant Article explanations and they decided they were all pretty self explanatory.

The Board discussed having a candidate’s night and decided they would like to have one. It will be on
Tuesday March 4th, at 6pm in the meeting room at the Town Office. The Board discussed who to have as
moderator for it. The Board asked April to call Mary Lou Krambeer to see if she can do it.

The Board discussed the storage closet on the bottom floor and what to do with it. The Board said Mike
could have it to store police files but he may need to share it with Town Clerk/Tax Collector files.

Chairman Blanchard announced that the Revaluation is complete and the Town is now in compliance with BTLA.

The Board discussed a property exemption on Old Franconia Road that has had an exemption for years because of the water spring. The Board wants more info on this before they make a decision.

The Board reviewed minutes from 01/13/14, 01/17/14, 01/26/14, and 01/27/14. Chairman Blanchard moved to approve the minutes as written. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0.

Jack Anderson asked the Board if they wanted him to develop the bid specs on the Cruft building. Jack said it would be nice to have it all ready to go right after Town Meeting if the Warrant Article passes.
Chairman Blanchard moved to have Jack get bid packs together. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0. Jack also discussed with the Board having a plot plan done and asked about going ahead with that now and take the money out of the distressed building capital reserve. Selectman Laleme said if the Article doesn’t pass then it is a moot point. Julian Czarny said the Town is already in the hole with this property and suggested selling it as is. The Board decided to wait and see if the Warrant Article passes
before doing the plot plan.

Selectman Laleme asked Jack Anderson if the Town has an antique fire truck parked at Chick’s gravel pit.
Jack said yes, there is one parked at Chick’s because we have nowhere to keep it.

At 6:31 the Board reviewed the bids for the 2 fire trucks. 2 bids were received for truck # 1 (1985 International Model 1954). One bid was from Leonard Wright for $5,750.00 and the 2nd bid was from
Paul Gingue for $6,526.00. Selectman Laleme moved to accept the bid for $6,526.00.00 Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0.

The Board reviewed the bids for truck #2 (1986 GMC Model 3500 one ton). There were 4 bids received for this truck: John Hagan for $678.60, Andrew Hennessey for $800.00, Robert Rowley for $1,052.00, and Stephen Kimball for $1,200.00. Chairman Blanchard moved to accept the bid from Stephen Kimball for $1,200.00. Selectman Laleme seconded. Carried 3-0.

Rita Farrell came before the Board. Mrs. Farrell brought in Town Reports from other Town’s and suggested we do similar Town Reports as the ones she brought in. She said the other ones have more information in them and she would like ours to have more information as well. Mrs. Farrell went over different amounts from the budget including salaries, insurances and the pool budget. Mrs. Farrell made reference to a postcard she received from NCES about expansion and asked the Board what the Town’s fallback plan is if NCES doesn’t get their permit and the Town doesn’t get free trash pick anymore.

Selectman Culver said the budget process is informative to the public if they choose to be here for it.
Selectman Laleme said the format for the Town Report has been the same with the contents being changed to consolidate and she said she has never heard complaints about not having enough info. Selectman Laleme said you can get any salary amount by requesting it.

Kevin Roy said the postcard that Mrs. Farrell referred to was a holiday reminder schedule and to announce the hazardous waste date.

Frank Claffey told the Board about a Culvert Pilot Study through North Country Council and asked the Board if they would be willing to serve as a pilot town. Frank said he wasn’t sure what the cost to the Town would be but understood that it would be minimal. The Board told Frank that he could say we are

Frank asked if the “Bethlehem” would be removed from the fire trucks prior to the new owner taking

Mrs. Farrell said when she called to be put on the agenda she was asked why and she wanted to know why she was asked. Chairman Blanchard said he wants to know what people are coming in for before the night of the meeting so the Board can be prepared and also wants to keep people on topic.

There was some discussion about who gets retirement and what contribution rates etc. Selectman Culver said it is dictated by the state who gets retirement and the rates are also dictated by the state.

Dick Robie said the antique fire truck was in the garage next to the pool for many years and it could go right back in there.

Selectman Laleme said the backflow valve needed for the golf course needs to be done and the expense is $4039.00. She said the Board needs to look at the budget to find the money for this. Dick Robie said there are 5 of them in Town that needs to be done and everyone was told about it when they (Village District) knew about it.

Selectman Laleme told the Board she has a copy of a Warrant Article from 1987 about the Town contracting with the Chamber and said she has Victor’s letter of resignation from being President and Treasurer of the Chamber. Selectman Laleme moved that the Visitor’s Center be administered by the Town starting immediately with the same two employees with salaries as proposed for 2014, a 50/50 sharing of all building costs with the Bethlehem Heritage Society, and all additional charges specific to the Visitors Center such as computer/web expenses and also move that we do not subsidize advertising specific to Chamber of Commerce. Chairman Blanchard seconded. Carried 3-0.

The Board discussed the police copier and whether to purchase it when they lease their new one. Selectman Laleme moved to purchase the police printer and give it to Tax office and give Tax Office copier to rec and let police lease the new one. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0.

At 7:35 Chairman Blanchard moved to go into non-public per 91a for matters of reputation. Selectman Laleme seconded. Chairman Blanchard did roll call with all members agreeing to go into non-public session.

The Board discussed a property owner wanting to repurchase her property and didn’t realize it was deeded because the notices were sent to an incorrect address. Chairman Blanchard moved to waive the 15% penalty fee to leave the repurchase amount of #3,251.14. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0.

At 7:55 Chairman Blanchard moved to come out of non-public session. Selectman Laleme seconded. Carried 3-0.

At 7:55 Chairman Blanchard moved to adjourn. Selectman Culver seconded. Carried 3-0.

Respectfully submitted,

April Hibberd

Administrative Assistant