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05/18/2016 – PB Minutes

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Bethlehem Planning Board
Bethlehem Town Hall Meeting Room
May 18, 2016

Present: Dave Wiley, Sandy Laleme, Chris McGrath, John Stevenson Marie Stevenson, Mike Bruno

Absent: Steven Gorman

Mike Bruno opened the meeting at 6:00

Sandy Laleme spoke about the Northern Pass interveners group having 3 representatives convened Dalton, Bethlehem and interested residents of Littleton. Most towns have an attorney and you have to speak to the attorney not the town. Sandy spoke about the SEC limited 50 question limit for data request per group. SEC is very slow at updating their website.

Mike reads the Town of Carroll letter, Sandy states that all surrounding towns will receives this letter for any new proposed cell tower.

Mike reads the public notice for the Arlington Signature Hotel LLC site plan review continuation from May 11, 2016.

Steve Lafrance passes out the newest set of plans of the Arlington to the board with some revisions.

Decision on the sidewalk talk goes back and forth between abutters.

Bruce Brown spoke for the Village board. Waterline is under the sidewalk to Matt and Casey Kristoff’s house. The pipes are very old. Digging up the sidewalk will become more of a hardship to them, being without water for a period of time would be unacceptable stated Matt Kristoff.

Dave Wiley had Brett Jackson come up to look over the plans. Brett stated he would like to make the town not liable for the granite curbing that is at the top of the hill when they plow. He will do his best to plow Arlington Street. He will make it happen.

The board discussed that this is a 65 room hotel and there will be plenty of walkers. The East side of the street has quite a ditch. To be able to provide a 5’ sidewalk Steve Lafrance explains there is a large boulder that cannot be removed.

There was back and forth talk between the abutters and the board on repaving the existing sidewalk from the south property line on Lewis Hill road to east property line on Route 302.

Bill Oliver attorney for the Arlington Signature Hotel LLC asked about the Synagogue Site Plan for sidewalks? The board did not address this.

John Arnold attorney for Mr. Brody spoke up considering the sound barriers on the roof and the generator. The lights in the Arlington parking lot will be shining directly into Mr. Brodys house. Bill Oliver mentions that the parking lot is at least 9’ down the embankment. With the 10’ trees there will be virtually no headlight shining through.

Linda Cole asked with the increase in traffic on the road could speed bumps be an option? There will be a lot of children waking and playing on the road.

Bill Oliver will speak to the Select board about speed limit signs.

Mike Bruno asked for any other input from the public, or anything from the board.

Chris McGrath wanted to go back to the original plan referring to pedestrian access through NW Parking lot.

Carol Haywood asked what can be done on the public way. She was referred to the Select board.

There is a motion on the table from Mike Bruno to have the applicant provide a new 5’ asphalt sidewalk from the south property line on Lewis Hill road to the east property line on Route 301. Dave seconded. Motion passes

Dave motioned to have Select Board establish an agreement for plow truck turnaround on private property. Seconded by Sandy. Motion passed

Dave Motioned for applicant to provide new road surface at existing Arlington Street as shown on plans per town specifications’ which coincide with plans submitted. Marie seconded. Motion passed

Chris McGrath makes a motion to remove exiting sidewalk plans for the original plans. Dave seconded with a 4-2 motion passed. With Marie and John abstained.

Dave motioned to have applicant install sound barriers on roof and generator mechanics. Marie seconded. Chris abstained, motion passed

Site Plan approval motion make by Marie Stevenson and seconded by John Stevenson. Review Approved for the Arlington Signature Hotel LLC

Public Hearing for the Arlington Signature Hotel LLC was closed at 7:05.

We will postpone Windswept conceptual till June 8, 2016

Master plan meeting 5/24/16 at 6:15 at the Bethlehem Library

Mike Bruno reads the alternates list: Jeanne Robillard, Andrea Bryant, Dawn Ferringo and Don Lavoie

Sandy makes a motion to accept Don Lavoie as an alternated board member. All in favor 5-1

Chris McGrath says he abstained not because of the person but because of the alternate proves. He does not believe in alternates and the policy that goes along with it.

Sandy motioned to Adjourn. Dave seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm

Respectfully submitted
Debbie Bayley
ZBA/Planning Clerk