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01/31/2023 BC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Cares Committee Work


Present: Christine Etter, Dawn Ferringo, Tina Lister, Chris Jensen,  April Hibberd, Erin Talcott, Carol Johnson-Haywood

Next meeting: 3/15/23 Noon

Public Meeting Discussion Points:

It was noted that an incorrect URL is listed for Bethlehem Cares on the town’s website. Christine will reach out to the administrator to get it fixed.

April reviewed the minutes from a previous meeting. They were accepted and she will type them up and send them to Nicole (at the town office) and the committee.

Moving forward it was agreed that if an applicant reapplies for assistance that applicant’s identifying # will remain the same as it was assigned with the original application. For instance, with an initial application the applicant may receive the identifying # of 20. If the same applicant reapplies a second time the identifying information will be #20b – indicating a second request.

The donors’ list was reviewed, and updates noted. (Thank you Alison for all this work!)

Tina Lister and Carol Johnson-Haywood’s two-year terms have ended. They agreed to another two-year term and all in favor. April and Chris will bring the recommendation to the Board for approval.

While Carol has been writing the donor thank-you notes, Erin has agreed to take it over. Carol will drop off the note cards at the town office, Tina will make more labels and drop them off as well. Christine has more business cards that she can get to Erin (these go inside the note cards.) Carol will let Nicole know to cc future donations to both Erin and Dawn.

Dawn explained that WREN is will to continue being the 501c that supports the Food Pantry, however they no longer want to do the financials. Dawn suggested that perhaps it would make sense if she took over the financial piece of the food pantry as well as the financial tracking for Bethlehem Cares for efficiency. Carol will check with Alison to be sure she is on board with the change.

Motion made by April – that Bethlehem Cares be the fiscal agent for the Food Pantry financials upon Select Board approval with the Direct Assistant’s assistance.  (All in favor with the exception of Christine who abstained.)

Dawn will take on the responsibility of informing the public regarding future Bethlehem Cares meetings. (posted through the town site, PO, and town building bulletin board.)

Guidelines were reviewed and the following updates were made:

  • The direct assistance contact number was updated to 869-3351 x3.
  • In the “Who we are” paragraph – “A committee of no more than eight members…” was changed to “A committee of no more than nine members.”
  • In the same paragraph – ex-officio members was deleted.
  • The Current Committee Members now reads as follows: Alison Caruso, Chris Jensen, Carol Johnson-Haywood, Ruth Heintz, Christine Etter, Tina Lister, Erin Talcott. Dawn Ferringo is the administrator. April Hibberd is the select-board member.



Non-Public (Motion made by April per RSA 91A:3 Matters of Reputation – seconded by Dawn – and all in favor)

An application was reviewed:

#18 SM   due to an accident this individual has a number of residual issues leaving him in dire financial need for basic survival needs – heat, electricity, water, food, dog food, car payments. While he owns his house there is a tax lien. He has a lawsuit pending from the accident and is counting on that money. The lawsuit has been in the works for 2 years. The following was discussed:

  • The use of the food pantry is already in place
  • Dawn will contact his lawyer and ask what he might suggest be done to assist with supporting SM.
  • Put in a call to 211 to ask how to help.
  • Does he need blankets, hand warmers etc?
  • Suggested that welfare pay a month of electricity to keep the heat on. BC could pick up some subsequent electric fees.
  • Suggested that SM meet with Dawn once a week to access BC support. This could potentially keep the needed connection going.

April made the following motion: I move to approve SM for 3 months of electricity (a bit over $1080) assistance contingent upon his meeting with the welfare assistant 1x a week. (Town will pay the first month to keep electricity going.)

(All in favor)

Motion to adjourn

Next meeting is scheduled for March 15th at noon.